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You have come to the right place. Get ready to explore the “amazon fiction books list” of 2020. this summer and winter get these “best selling” and “top-rated” fiction and nonfiction books.

This is my ideal accompaniment to your summer adventures, whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or sticking close to the A/C. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in a novel that will transport you to another place or explore the multifaceted world of short stories, there’s something here for you. 


Best fiction Books to Read this summer and winter


I promise you, you will love these subjects like Silicon Valley and the housing crisis to be exemplary, absorbing fiction about such diverse subjects as family, identity, and romance.

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List Of Best fiction books-2020

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1. Devoted (Dean Koontz)

Release date: March 31, 2020

Category: Horror suspense

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In his first book with Amazon Publishing’s Thomas & Mercer, DEVOTED, Dean Koontz, the internationally bestselling master of suspense, offers an epic thriller about a golden retriever, a boy named Woody, his mother Megan, and their extended family, as they confront a terrifying threat to all humanity. 

As is expected from Koontz the story is scary, but it is also about human bonds, the extraordinary intelligence of dogs, and the struggle between good and evil. This breathless story of suspense and terror is also about the many ways people become devoted to one another and to dogs—and dogs to them.


2. The End of October (Lawrence Wright)

Release date: April 28, 2020

Category: Historical thrillers

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An Eerily Prescient Pandemic Novel That’s Guaranteed to Terrify.

“An eerily prescient novel about a devastating virus that begins in Asia before going global . . . A page-turner that has the earmarks of an instant bestseller.” —New York Post.

At an internment camp in Indonesia, forty-seven people are pronounced dead with acute hemorrhagic fever. When Henry Parsons–microbiologist, epidemiologist–travels there on behalf of the World Health Organization to investigate, what he finds will soon have staggering repercussions across the globe: an infected man is on his way to join the millions of worshippers in the annual Hajj to Mecca.  As packed with suspense as it is with the fascinating history of viral diseases, Lawrence Wright has given us a full-tilt, electrifying, one-of-a-kind thriller.


3. The Glass House (Eve Chase )

Release date:: May 14th 2020 

Category: family drama / thriller

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Outside a remote manor house in an idyllic wood, a baby girl is found. The Harrington family takes her in and disbelief quickly turns to joy. They’re grieving a terrible tragedy of their own and the beautiful baby fills them with hope, lighting up the house’s dark, dusty corners.

Desperate not to lose her to the authorities, they keep her secret, suspended in a blissful summer world where normal rules of behaviour – and the law – don’t seem to apply. But within days a body will lie dead in the grounds. And their dreams of a perfect family will shatter like glass. Years later, the truth will need to be put back together again, piece by piece 

4. Summer (Ali Smith)

Release date: August 6th 2020 

Category: Literary Fiction 

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The unmissable finale to Ali Smith’s dazzling literary tour de force: the Seasonal quartet concludes in 2020 with Summer In the present, Sacha knows the world’s in trouble. Her brother Robert is troubled. Their mother and father are having trouble. Meanwhile the world’s in meltdown – and the real meltdown hasn’t even started yet. In the past, a lovely summer. A different brother and sister know they’re living on borrowed time.

This is a story about people on the brink of change. They’re family, but they think they’re strangers. So: where does family begin? And what do people who think they’ve got nothing in common have in common? Summer.

PRAISE FOR SEASONAL: ‘The novel of the year is obviously Autumn’ Observer on Autumn ‘Masterful… Winter is utterly original’ New York Times Book Review on Winter ‘Luminous, generous, hope-filled… A dazzling hymn to hope. Ali Smith is lighting us a path out of the nightmarish now’ Observer on Spring Smith’s seasonal quartet of novels is a bold and brilliant experiment’ Independent.

5. Rodham (Curtis Sittenfeld)

Release date: May 19th 2020

Category: Literary Fiction 

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In these Dark Ages of the Reign of Trump, Curtis Sittenfeld’s “Rodham” descends like an avenging angel. Here, in the pages of this alternate history about Hillary Rodham Clinton, is the story not of “What Happened” but of “What Could Have Happened.” This isn’t just fiction as fantasy; it’s fiction as therapy for that majority of Americans who voted for Clinton in 2016 and are now sick and unemployed under the current calamitous administration.

But “Rodham” is something of a rarity in American publishing. The market has long featured highly partisan nonfiction books created exclusively for liberals or conservatives. Trump disciples and detractors can spend their whole lives cuddled up with memoirs, biographies, exposés and rants that confirm their polarized convictions. “Rodham,” though, is a high-profile novel — not a parody or a joke book, but a serious work of literary fiction — designed to rally the political spirits of liberal readers.

6. The Book of Longings (Sue Monk Kidd)

Release date: April 21, 2020

Category: Women’s religious fiction

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An extraordinary story set in the first century about a woman who finds her voice and her destiny, from the celebrated number one New York Times bestselling author of The Secret Life of Bees and The Invention of Wings.

In her mesmerizing fourth work of fiction, Sue Monk Kidd takes an audacious approach to history and brings her acclaimed narrative gifts to imagine the story of a young woman named Ana. Raised in a wealthy family with ties to the ruler of Galilee, she is rebellious and ambitious, with a brilliant mind and a daring spirit. She engages in furtive scholarly pursuits and writes narratives about neglected and silenced women. Ana is expected to marry an older widower, a prospect that horrifies her. An encounter with eighteen-year-old Jesus changes everything.

7. In Five Years (Rebecca Serle)

Release date: March 10, 2020

Category: Women’s fiction

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A heartwarming portrait of a broken heart finding a little healing magic.

Where do you see yourself in five years? When Type-A Manhattan lawyer Dannie Cohan is asked this question at the most important interview of her career, she has a meticulously crafted answer at the ready. Later, after nailing her interview and accepting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, Dannie goes to sleep knowing she is right on track to achieve her five-year plan.

But when she wakes up, she’s suddenly in a different apartment, with a different ring on her finger, and beside a very different man. The television news is on in the background, and she can just make out the scrolling date. It’s the same night—December 15—but 2025, five years in the future.

After a very intense, shocking hour, Dannie wakes again, at the brink of midnight, back in 2020. She can’t shake what has happened. It certainly felt much more than merely a dream, but she isn’t the kind of person who believes in visions. That nonsense is only charming coming from free-spirited types, like her lifelong best friend, Bella. Determined to ignore the odd experience, she files it away in the back of her mind.

That is, until four-and-a-half years later, when by chance Dannie meets the very same man from her long-ago vision.

Brimming with joy and heartbreak, In Five Years is an unforgettable love story that reminds us of the power of loyalty, friendship, and the unpredictable nature of destiny.

8. Sex and Vanity (Kevin Kwan)

Release date:July 14th 2020

Category: fiction

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The iconic author of the bestselling phenomenon Crazy Rich Asians returns with the glittering tale of a young woman who finds herself torn between two men: the WASPY fiancé of her family’s dreams and George Zao, the man she is desperately trying to avoid falling in love with.

9. If I Had Your Face (Frances)

Release date: 2020

Category: fiction

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Are South Korean women really so obsessed with beauty? A riveting, feminist debut about four women navigating contemporary South Korea, a world of strict social hierarchies, extreme plastic surgery and K-pop fan mania.

“Even as a girl, I knew the only chance I had was to change my face. When I looked into the mirror, I knew everything in it had to change, even before a fortune-teller told me so.” This utterly compelling novel follows the interconnected lives of four young women balancing on the edge of survival in contemporary Seoul, Korea.

10. Miss Benson’s Beetle (Rachel Joyce)

Release date: 2020

Category: fiction

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This is a story that is less about what can be found than the belief it might be found; an intoxicating and tender exploration of faith, vocation, motherhood and a friendship between two unforgettable women that defies all boundaries. Rachel’s work has sold 5.5 million copies in 32 territories, and her previous novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry was long listed for the Booker Prize.

11. If It Bleeds (Stephen King)

Release date: April 21, 2020

Category: Horror suspense

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Stephen King’s writing suggests that kindness, some brief contentment, can be found in the most terrible places. Yes, many of his tales are black to the bone—The Shining and Pet Semetary offer no illusion of hope—but more often than not, King’s interest is in the warm-heartedness and compassion that defies the darkness at the edge of town. There’s both a warmth of character and a reassuring familiarity to his worlds that mitigates the horror within.

The same can be said for his latest collection of novellas, If It Bleeds, which feels like a coming home, both for King and the reader. 

12. American Dirt (Jeanine Cummins)

Release date: January 21, 2020

Category: Psychological fiction

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The combination of its propulsive narrative (it really is thrilling from the very first sentence) and being a tender love story about a mother and her young son, together with its sensitive subject matter, clearly hit the right note at the right time. The ways in which we’re engaged in the story of migration in this country tend to be very superficial,” she says. “We have these political narratives from the Right and the Left, and everyone paints migrants with their own preconceived notions; either they need our help and we need to save them, or they’re rapists and murderers. The truth of their humanity is this gap in the middle that I felt like many people haven’t really thought about, so I think that’s what they were responding to.” 

13. Big Summer (Jennifer Weiner)

Release date: May 5, 2020

Category: Women’s literary fiction

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the “nothing short of brilliant” (People) Mrs. Everything returns with an unforgettable novel about friendship and forgiveness set during a disastrous wedding on picturesque Cape Cod.

A sparkling novel about the complexities of female friendship, the pitfalls of living out loud and online, and the resilience of the human heart, Big Summer is a witty, moving story about family, friendship, and figuring out what matters most.

Six years after the fight that ended their friendship, Daphne Berg is shocked when Drue Cavanaugh walks back into her life, looking as lovely and successful as ever, with a massive favor to ask. Daphne hasn’t spoken one word to Drue in all this time–she doesn’t even hate-follow her ex-best friend on social media–so when Drue asks if she will be her maid-of-honor at the society wedding of the summer, Daphne is rightfully speechless.

14. All Adults Here (Emma Straub)

Release date: May 4, 2020

Category: Literary fiction

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All Adults Here concerns the Strick family, a mildly dysfunctional collection of WASPs who are headquartered in a picturesque village in the Hudson Valley, but who have scattered to the four winds now that the children are (just like the title) All Adults Here. But after the tough-as-nails widowed matriarch Astrid witnesses her longtime frenemy getting hit by a school bus, she decides to call the family back together. Life is short, and so she no longer wants to hide from her family the fact that she’s been dating a woman for the past five years.

The ideal scenario for reading it would be as a tension break in between solving murders in a cozy New England fishing village while wearing a variety of functional yet chic chunky knits. But failing that, the second-best way to read it is inside, social distancing from the rest of the world, and letting Emma Straub give you an escape.

15. A Good Neighborhood (Therese Anne Fowler)

Release date: March 10, 2020

Category: Contemporary literary fiction

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A gripping contemporary novel that examines the American dream through the lens of two families living side by side in an idyllic neighborhood, over the course of one summer that changes their lives irrevocably, from the New York Times bestselling author of Z and A Well-Behaved Woman.

A Good Neighborhood asks big questions about life in America today—what does it mean to be a good neighbor? How do we live alongside each other when we don’t see eye to eye?—as it explores the effects of class, race, and heartrending love in a story that’s as provocative as it is powerful.

16. Burnt Sugar  (Avni Doshi)

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This is a love story: a tale of obsession and betrayal. But not between lovers: between mother and daughter. Sharp as a blade and laced with caustic wit, Burnt Sugar unpicks the slippery, choking cord of memory and myth that binds two women together, making and unmaking them endlessly.

In her youth, Tara was wild. She abandoned her loveless marriage to join an ashram, endured a brief stint as a beggar (mostly to spite her affluent parents), and spent years chasing after a dishevelled, homeless ‘artist’, all with her young child in tow. Now she is forgetting things, mixing up her maid’s wages and leaving the gas on all night, and her grown-up daughter is faced with the task of caring for a woman who never cared for her.

17. Pretty Things (Janelle Brown)

Release date: April 21, 2020

Category: Women’s crime fiction

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Pretty Things is the tale of two women, the men that they love, their memories, and how their paths cross through their past and a con. The story has many aspects of high life – gorgeous women, styled hair, dewy make-up, dazzling jewelry, designer clothes, exquisite shoes, high-end tipple, and stunning backdrops. It also shares a peek into the life of an Instagrammer – the all-encompassing world of followers, likes, comments, the right lighting, background, and hashtags – and how this environment is so shallow, superficial, and fickle.

18. Untamed  (Glennon Doyle)

Release date: March 10, 2020

Category: Biographies & memoirs

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Untamed by Glennon Doyle is a memoir that shows us how we must be willing to let go of who we think we are in order to unleash the women we are meant to be. This book has a fierce vulnerability that every woman should appreciate. Doyle takes us on her journey of discovering herself, embracing all that entails, and coming out on the other side profound, brave, and enlightened about the person she was meant to be.

 She shows us that we must be willing to embrace all the feelings we feel to help us become better mothers, better daughters, sisters, and wives, but most of all better fighters. I urge you to read this book, unleash your inner cheetah, and find out what it truly means to be untamed.

19. A Children’s Bible, by Lydia Millet

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bleak and righteously angry tale determined to challenge our rationalizations about climate change. Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2020 by Apple Books, Literary Hub, The Millions, and The Week

An indelible novel of teenage alienation and adult complacency in an unraveling world. It’s not for children, nor is it a Bible. Like her other books, it is darkly funny and painfully sharp. It’s the story of a younger generation at odds with its elders, set in the near future when an environmental calamity throws American society into chaos. It’s nominally narrated by Evie, a skeptical teen, but mostly told by a collective “we.”

20. Catherine House: A Novel

Release date: 12th 2020

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Combining the haunting sophistication and dusky, atmospheric style of Sarah Waters with the unsettling isolation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, Catherine House is a devious, deliciously steamy, and suspenseful page-turner with shocking twists and sharp edges that is sure to leave readers breathless.

Catherine House is a school of higher learning like no other. Hidden deep in the woods of rural Pennsylvania, this crucible of reformist liberal arts study with its experimental curriculum, wildly selective admissions policy, and formidable endowment, has produced some of the world’s best minds: prize-winning authors, artists, inventors, Supreme Court justices, presidents. For those lucky few selected, tuition, room, and board are free. But acceptance comes with a price. 

Students are required to give the House three years—summers included—completely removed from the outside world. Family, friends, television, music, even their clothing must be left behind. In return, the school promises its graduates a future of sublime power and prestige, and that they can become anything or anyone they desire.

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