21-Best Books For 12-year-old: Most Popular “Kids Books To Read”

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21 Best Books For Your 12-Year-Old: “Top Pics Of 2020”

What are good 21 book for 11 and 12-year-old? At the same time, how can you make sure they read books that are suitable and are not too advanced? They are in that sweet age, their innocence dominates, but their identity grows. It can be a challenge to keep them entertained (especially through books). Each book review contains a genre tag, which helps you to scan for suspense, fantasy, realism, history, scientific is also so important to align the interests of a child with the books they read. And, to make decisions for them.

I did all the work for you so you could purchase books without fuss. Here is all the information to start with.

How to Buy Children’s Books Which Excite and Educate Your Child: 11- and 12- year old?

How to Choose Just-Right Books for Your Child. The best strategy is to buy children’s books which will be entertaining for your child but which will also provide some educational or cultural improvement. As he grows, great book recommendations will help him become passionate about reading and promote school success by developing vocabulary, writing, comprehension, and study skills. Buying books for children is a process that includes verifying the content in the books to ensure it is appropriate for your kids. You should be the one to check that the material is quality and illustrated in a manner that your kids will easily understand. Most importantly, make sure the book is designed to also educate and evoke imagination and creativity.

Things You Should Know When Buying Books for “11- and 12- year old Kids”

  • In-temporary and lasting theme books for kids

You should probably keep your children’s books for several You should consider having those with an In-temporary and lasting theme when selecting a children’s book. In 10 years, they continue to obtain information that is still important and it is a way of building on their experience and allowing them to become more academic. Many books are written only with material addressing a seasonal issue that is maybe not applicable in the next few years, which means your children will have to change books to get to know the same topic.

  • Good pictures books for kids

The power of the pictures is to help knowledge remain in children’s minds. You should pick books that have illustrated scenes to make more effect. In particular, or children between 4 and 8 years of age, the picture used shall be bright and clear. You can also consider wordless books that boost the child’s imagination, as they can interpret the illustrations as the story progresses.

  • Content suitable fords age

In the search for a children’s book, the content should serve as a minimum requirement. The language and images used must suit the child’s brain’s ability to interpret the information exchanged. Some content is too intense and it can end up upsetting young children. Besides, testing the author/illustrator is not a sexual harasser, since many rogue publishers allow material books that are not appropriate for young children to be published. Do not only purchase your children’s books because they sell well but make sure that the content is appropriate for your children. They are the best judge of the type of material your children eat.

  • Books on Educational learning

A good book should also be entertaining, in addition to stimulating the imagination and interpretive skills of the child. A book should also give the kid knowledge, captivating and interesting, that might help your kids develop academically. This may involve items such as writing and reading essays so children can write coherent and error-free essays as they grow up. This could help them to understand those basic scientific concepts or even issues that personally concern them, like hygiene and the building of interpersonal relations.

What Are The Most Popular Children’s Books? : FOR “Sixth Grade”

This book list suggests popular “books for kids” grade six, even or eight. Keep reading. You will find the best books for your son, daughters.

Most Popular Children's Books

Children’s Book Categories:

These are “reading books for kids” you will also find “Bedtime stories for kids” “Short stories for kids”. Here you’ll find a goldmine of series books available to suit every reading level and interest for tweens and kids in their early teens. 11 to 13 years olds have no big difference so you can buy these books for kids age includes 11 to 13 years olds.

Non-Fiction Books For 11 And 12- Year Olds Kids

Non-fiction stories characters are evolving and shifting with the complexities of life. Readers connect with and grow up with daily struggles in “children’s non-fiction books are good examples”. Therefore, after a mile in someone else’s story, ou is more likely to gain empathy and understanding. Get these “nonfiction children’s books” for your kids.

Fiction Books For 11 And 12- Year Olds Kids


American Born Chinese (New York Times Bestseller)


American Born Chinese is a 2006 National Book Award Finalist for Young People’s Literature, the winner of the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album: New, an Eisner Award nominee for Best Coloring, a 2007 Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year, and a New York Times bestseller.

He’s the only Chinese American student in Jin Wang’s new school. Jin doesn’t want to be identified with a FOB like him as a kid from Taiwan enters his college. Jin wants only to be a child in the whole of America because he’s an American girl in love. Danny is an American boy: perfect for basketball, boys. However, his disgusting annual visit by Chin-Kee, a Chinese uncle, is such a tragedy that he destroys the prestige of Danny at school that he has no option but to move to anywhere, he can continue again. Monkey King has been practicing and studying Kung Fu techniques and celestial traditions for thousands of years.



Winner of the Newbery Medal, Coretta Scott King Author Award, and Kirkus Prize for Young Readers’ Literature! Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Gene Luen Yang, New Kid is a timely, honest graphic novel about starting over at a new school where diversity is low and the struggle to fit in is real, from award-winning author-illustrator Jerry Craft.

Jordan Banks is a seventh-grader who enjoys making cartoons of his life. However, instead of sending him to a school for art in his dreams, his parents enroll him in a prestigious private school renowned for its academics. As Jordan leaves the high-ranking Riverdale Academy Day school on a regular tour from his Washington Heights apartment, he will soon be torn between two worlds — and not one. Will Jordan learn to manage his new School culture while keeping and staying loyal to his neighborhood friends?

Ghost Boys (BEST SELLER)


A heartbreaking and powerful story about a black boy killed by a police officer, drawing connections through history, from award-winning author Jewell Parker Rhodes.

Only the living can make the world better. Live and make it better.

A police officer who confuses his toy gun as the actual threat shoots Jerome. Jerome, 12, is wounded. In the spirit of what they see as unfair and barbaric killing, it is the destruction that has unleashed the families and culture.

Jerome soon encounters a different ghost: Emmett Till, a kid of a very different time with identical circumstances. Emmett helps Jerome embark on a quest to understand how institutional injustice has brought things to an end. Jerome also meets Sarah, the police officer ‘s daughter, who takes part in the acts of her father.

Jewel Parker Rhodes once again combines historical and socio-political layers into an informative and informative tale about how children and families face the challenges about today’s world and how a boy succeeds in realizing America’s turmoil after his death.

Other Words for Home (BEST SELLER)


Newbery Honor Book!

A gorgeously written, hopeful middle-grade novel in verse about a young girl who must leave Syria to move to the United States, perfect for fans of Jason Reynolds and Aisha Saeed.

Jude had never been dreaming that she should leave behind her beloved older brother and father across the Syrian ocean. But as things are getting tense in her hometown, Jude and her mother are sent to stay with relatives in Cincinnati. First, something seems too quick and too loud in America. The American films Jude has always loved have not prepared her for the beginning of her US education – she’s never known of her heritage before and her new name, “Middle Eastern.” But this life also has unforeseen surprises – they ‘re new friends, a whole new family and an education-must-try musical for Jude. Perhaps America is also a place where judges can be seen as she is.

The Bridge Home (BEST SELLER)


“This beautifully written novel on young people who need to use their intuition and their determination to survive will captivate people. This brings hope and bravery to her story that is going to inspire people.”

The inspiring middle-grade debut of Padma Venkatraman offers four determined homeless children themselves.

Life is rough in the hustle and bustle streets of Chennai, India, and the prospects are bleak when the runaway sisters Viji and Rukku arrive. Very soon, the 11-year-old Viji learns that in this dangerous and uncaring world they are helpless. Fortunately, girls will find shelter and friendship on a bridge abandoned, which is Muthi and Arul both hideouts, two boys without a hometown, and the four of them will soon be a kind of family.

So as the city’s garbage heaps are being scavenged, the children are still very prideful. After all, now they’re themselves bosses and no longer relying on incompetent parents. Yet Viji has to determine if it should seek support from foreigners or retain its fragile and suffering liberty if illness hits…

The Best Man


Boston Globe-Horn Honor Book

Amazon Editors’ Picks for Fall (Ages 9-12)

New York Times Notable Children’s Book

Newbery Medalist Richard Peck tells a story of small-town life, gay marriage, and everyday heroes in this novel for fans of Gary Schmidt and Jack Gantos.

Archer Magill has spent five years in high school, staring at grown-up role models with a single eye. The three best of these are his grandpa, the great architect, his uncle, the great vintage car customer. These are the three things that he needs to be. He discovers a fourth — Mr. along the way. McLeod, a scholar. Finally, the first male teacher in the school’s history. High school and puberty are also moving here. Modify it. Before his speech, Archer wondered how many changes needed to occur. He doesn’t see things too far ahead, and an astounding announcement brings to him every day. And he’s a very big guy when two of his role models get married. This is ahead of the plot, however.

There is a teardrop in pages rippling with laughter. And more than a few insights into the bewildering world of adults where a child is making himself the best guy he can be.

Fantasy, Magic & Horror Books For 11 And 12- Year Olds Kids

Fantasy, sorcery, and horror provide children with a tech-free escape. Users will travel to other worlds to encounter visions, ghosts, dragons, etc. Let’s see “scary books for kids”, these books are great for bed stories “stories in a dark-dark room and other scary stories”

-Fiction Books For 11 And 12- Year Olds Kids

Circus Mirandus (New York Times Bestseller)

Get this book on Amazon

Category: Children’s Middle-Grade Books, Children’s Picture Books

“A beguiling first novel”—Gregory Maguire in the New York Times

“Takes readers to a marvelous place.”The Wall Street Journal

Parents need to learn Circus Mirandus is a wonderful novel where kids enjoy a magical circus to enchant them. The novel alternates between a fifth-grade father named Micah Tuttle, who cares for his beloved grandfather (and sole guardian), Ephraim Tuttle, and his experiences as a child in the Mirandus circus. With the help of his non-stupid friend Jenny, Micah embarks on a hunt for the help of the circus to save his grandfather. Although the wonders of faith, hope, and magic are about to be orphaned and left in the care of the cold and humorless grand-ant, they can still alleviate the lasting sorrow.

Dealing with Dragons: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Book One

Category: Children’s Middle-Grade Action & Adventure Books, Children’s Picture Book


Meet Princess Cimorene-a princess who does not want to be perfect. She’s not supposed to be a princess: head started, smart, tomboy. And lonely. And lazy.

She is bored so much, she runs away with a dragon to stay with. And not just a dragon, but Kazul, one of the biggest and most dangerous dragons around. Cimorene has of course a way of hacking up dangerous people, and then a witch, a jinn, a bird who talks about death, a prince who is stone, and some very powerful wizards can cope with them.

It looks like she has found plenty because the princess was running away to find some fun. With the author’s new appearance and introduction.

Doll Bones

Category: Horror


Doll Bones is strong in rhetoric but is not violent in fact. It is a spooky story where what could be genuinely supernatural — or simply the product of overactive imagination — is not always clear. The most fearsome scene can be that of an unequaled and aggressive stranger on the bus. The plot focuses upon a mysterious girl’s passing, but the novel ‘s true thrust is how the three main characters are struggling to handle early adolescence shifts. The three tweens face complicated family situations, and in an accident, one lost its parents. You leave without alerting your parents during the overnight drive.


Category: Fantasy



“A rare jewel. A new classic in the fantasy genre.” —Eoin Colfer, author of the bestselling Artemis Fowl series.

The new medium-grade fantasy of Henry H. Neff follows two unlikely friends as they encounter a plot that shakes the impyrial universe down to their hearts. The Faeregine family has ruled Impyrium for over three thousand years. But the charm of the family vanished and their control over the empire with it. Whether a rival’s home, Lirlanders’ demon or Rebel forces’ traitorous work is, many believe the Faeregines are ready to fall.

Her sisters are happy to be left to Hazel, the youngest member of the Royal Family so that she can learn her powers. But the empress has plans to exploit Hazel ‘s talents and re-enlighten the mystical Faeregine, as dark and dangerous as its granddaughter. Hob, a resident from the distant provinces, was sent into the city to represent and spy upon the Faeregines. You want to protect the family. The other person would like to destroy this. But if Hazel and Hob have an unlikely friendship, they can save that realm as they know it … or they can end it for good.

Eragon (New York Times Bestseller)

Category: Teen & Young Adult Action & Adventure


Praise for The Inheritance Cycle:

“An authentic work of great talent.” –New York Times Book Review

“Paolini is a spellbinding fantasy writer.” –The Boston Globe

“A breathtaking and unheard-of success.” –USA Today

“Christopher Paolini is a true rarity.” –The Washington Post

“Christopher Paolini make[s] literary magic.” –People

“The new ‘It’ book of children’s lit.” –U.S. News & World Report

Don’t miss the latest book from the author of Eragon, The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Tales from Alagaësia!

Perfectly for Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, Eragon has sold more than 35 million copies and it’s an international fantasy game, the New York Times bestselling Inheritance Trilogy. With the recently modified interconnection of art in all four books!

He is just a bad farmer, Eragon, 15, claims – before his tragedy as a Dragon rider comes to light. He’s a poor farmer. Eragon was soon swept into a dangerous tapestry of sorcery, glory, and strength with only an ancient sword, a faithful dragon, and wise guidance from the old narrator. Only his actions will save the Empire — or ruin it.


Category: Children’s Middle-Grade Books, Children’s Picture Book


The parents must also know that the middle-class debut of Tahereh Mafi, author of the best-selling dystopian YA Shatter Me book, consists of a 12-year-old social-outcast girl and a 13-year-old boy trying to locate her old brother. The topics include losing a parent, being special and manipulating people, and how you feel like you are working hard and still failing. The young people know a lot about themselves, their relationships, and their loved ones. The tale is about brutality (hand-to-hand fighting, abduction, detention, demolition, and the persistent danger of being eaten), but little blood. Expect a warm holding of hands.


Mystery Books For For 11 And 12- Year Olds Kids

Children love to picture themselves as the primary characters, particularly in adventures and Mystery, mystery books for 6th graders such as these choices for children. Kid’s mystery books build confidence and have great fun.


Category: Children’s Middle-Grade Mystery & Detective Books


Regrettably, Roy’s first experience in Florida is a well-known tyrant, Dana Matherson. Then again, had Dana not sink his thumbs into the temples and dress his face in the window of the school bus, Roy would never have seen the running boy. And the lad is fascinating: he ran away from the bus, had no books and – the odd part is – had no socks. Roy is on the trail of the boy, sensing a mystery. The chase introduces him to a potty alligator, a falsifying king, some burrowing owls, and a renegade environmentalist and several extremely poisonous snakes with an exotic sparkling tail.

The Nameless City


It is given a new name to every nation that invades the region. Nevertheless, soon there will be new threats, and the city will again change hands. The indigenous people are not allowed to fall into perpetual conflicts. The Nameless City is their home and those who want to claim it forever are monsters. They are not.

One outsider is Kaidu. He was raised and raised in Dao, the last nation to occupy him. Rat is a Nameless City resident. Rat. First of all, she hates Kai for everything he stands for, but the only thing that these two unlikely friends can do to get his new home together might be his love. Let’s hope so, as in their hands lies the destiny of the Nameless City.

Princess Academy (New York Times Bestseller)


A Newbery Honor Winner

A New York Times Bestseller

In this first book in New York Times bestselling, Newbery Honor-winning author Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy series, Miri finds herself a sudden participant in a contest to find the next princess of the realm.

Miri lives on a mountain in which her ancestors led a simple life for centuries. It is then said that the priests of the king divinized the home of the future princess in her village. The prince chooses a year from the girls of the village as his bride.

Ministers of the king founded a mountain academy, and every teenager had to be a princess and learn how. Soon Miri finds herself facing a stern academic boss, bitter girls’ competition, and contradictory wishes of herself. Winning the competition could give her all she ‘d ever want, but it means leaving behind her house and family.

Don’t miss any of these other books from New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale:

The Princess Academy trilogy

Princess Academy

Princess Academy: Palace of Stone

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters

Spaced Out (MoonBase Alpha)


In this New York Times bestselling novel the moon base commander has gone missing and Dash Gibson is on the case. The second mind-boggling mystery of the Moon Base Alpha series from beloved author Stuart Gibbs.

There is no place on the first moon base in the world to hide. It’s just the size of a football field after all. Therefore, unexpectedly, when Nina Stack, MoonBase Alpha Commander, dies, moonies are lost.

Because he is just 12 years old, Dashiell Gibson is the best detective he has. Yet the mystery of uncertainty drives Dash to its top. Especially when Dash has inadvertently met an alien and must keep it hidden. With the fate of the whole human race in harmony, Dash will solve the mystery of the missing Moonie

The Westing Game (Puffin Modern Classics)

Category: Children’s Middle-Grade Mystery & Detective Books


A Newbery Medal Winner

“A supersharp mystery…confoundingly clever, and very funny.” —Booklist starred review

When seventeen unlikely individuals come together to read Samuel W. Westings will, a strange sequence of events begins. So while nobody knows why the excenter, game-loving millionaire chose a virtual alien — and a possible assassin — to possess his vast wealth, it’s certain: Sam Westing might be dead … but that won’t deter him from playing the last game.

“Great fun for those who enjoy illusion, wordplay, or sleight of hand.” —The New York Times Book Review

“A fascinating medley of word games, disguises, multiple aliases, and subterfuges—a demanding but rewarding book.” —The Horn Book

History Books For 11 And 12- Year Olds Kids

Few things are as much with you as a deeply unforgettable novel. Such history books give birth to history with their vibrant characters and illustrations and are long after the last page with readers. “good history books for 6th graders”

history-Books For 11 And 12- Year Olds Kids

Echo (New York Times Bestseller)


2016 Newbery Honor Book

New York Times Bestseller

An impassioned, uplifting, and virtuosic tour de force from a treasured storyteller!

Otto encountered three enigmatic women, lost and alone in a secret forest. Suddenly he was involved in a puzzling search, which included prophecy, promise, and harmony.

Decades later, when in their lifespan the same harmonica falls, Friedrich, Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy, California, both become interwoven. The challenges for all children: the restoration of a dad, the security of a brother, the unity of a family. In the end, their magnificent solo stories merge into an orchestral crescendo, drawn by the unseen thread of destiny. Echo explores the frontiers of the genre, type, and imagination, richly conceived and skillfully created, to create an entirely original novel that will resound in your heart long after the last note is reached.


The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog (New York Times Bestseller)


Winner of the Sydney Taylor Book Award

An exciting and hilarious medieval adventure from the bestselling author of A Tale Dark and Grimm. Beautifully illustrated throughout!

Inquisitor’s Tale is one of the most celebrated children’s books of the year! ★ New York Times BestsellerA New York Times Editor’s ChoiceA New York Times Notable Children’s BookA People Magazine Kid PickA Washington Post Best Children’s BookA Wall Street Journal Best Children’s Book An Entertainment Weekly Best Middle-Grade BookA Booklist Best BookA Horn Book Fanfare Best BookA Kirkus Reviews Best BookA Publishers Weekly Best BookA School Library Journal Best BookAn ALA Notable Children’s Book

Parents need to learn that Adam Gidwitz’s The Inquisitor ‘s Tale received a Newbery Award in 2017. Gidwitz researched for years the underlying medieval past of marriage, learning, and enjoyment of learning, a brilliant, humorous, mobile celebration. Many horrible things are happening, including the flaring up of cities, the murder of parents, the burning of homes, the swallowing of quicksands on knights and horses, and three poor was in constant danger of death from the authorities.

There is the book-burning by King Louis IX of France, who was possibly a saint, but who was also a rather anti-American. And Holy Dog has somehow come back from dead after her cruel killing when she rescued a child from a snake. Gidwitz is a masterful storyteller who sticks with his hands, tucks on your funny bone, and shows you something different on almost every page. There’s a lot to take in.

Little Women


Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read.

This is not shocking that the adored classic of four devoted sisters, Little Women, was strongly rooted in the life of Louisa May Alcott. Nonetheless, Alcott pulled from his temperament the heroine, unlike anything that was previously known, Jo, stubborn, strong-headed, and without a doubt the backbone of the March family. From naive adolescence to wise adulthood follow your sisters and fall in love with all the joy and sorrow of their lives and this endearing tale.

The little woman has for decades been cherished by Madeleine Stern as “a book on the American home and thus universal in her appeal.” This edition of the Modern Library includes notes which provide a greater explanation and perspective than previous editions.

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World (BEST SELLER)


The New York Times best-selling Women in Science charmingly illustrated and informative novel, highlights fifty notable women’s contributions to the fields of STEM, Technology, Engineering, and Modernism (Stem). Within this informative series are full of striking singular art which includes infographics on related subjects, such as laboratories, female levels in the STEM fields, and a technical glossary illustrated.

The influential women included well-known figures such as primatologist Jane Goodall and less-known pioneers such as the African-American physicists and mathematicians who measured the 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission trajectory.

Women in Science is honoring the achievements of the intrepid female engineers, biologists, mathematicians, physicians, astronauts, physicists, and more who have paved the way for the next generation!

— the best science books for this year — BrainPickings

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