100+ Best Fathers Day Quotes From Son: Write in a Father’s Day Card

We’ve collected 100+ loving, funny, and heartwarming Father’s Day quotes from son to celebrate all the delights of being a father.

What can I write on my son’s Fathers Day card?

Father-Son Quotes Perfect for Father’s Day

As the history of Father’s Day reveals, choosing a day to honour dad was not an easy task.

But June 20, 2021, is the date set aside to show your father how much you care with a thoughtful gift from our Father’s Day gift list or a charming Father’s Day card.

Of course, deciding what to put in a Father’s Day card might be difficult.

Take some touching Father’s Day quotes as inspiration, or make your dad laugh with these funny statements from your favourite dad comedians.

When does a joke turn into a dad joke? As soon as it becomes obvious.

Happy Fathers Day Quotes From Son

Our fathers will always be heroes to us. Send dad one of these thoughtful and inspiring father’s day greetings to show him how much you care.

Father’s Day is a day to gather with the dads (of all kinds) in your life and celebrate what they mean to you.

With meaningful Father’s Day gifts for dad customized with Happy Fathers Day Quotes From Son, you can show dads how much they are loved and valued.

39 Best Father-Son Quotes — Father's Day Quotes From Son kaveesh mommy
  • Dad! You will always be my hero, no matter what. I love you. Happy Father’s Day!
  • “Fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man.” —Frank Pittman
  • Dear Dad, you’re my superman, which makes me your super son! Happy Fathers Day!
  • “My father raised us to step toward trouble rather than to step away from it.” —Justin Trudeau
  • I’m not the prince of the world but at least I’m the prince of my father’s kingdom. Happy Father’s Day to my lovely dad. I feel blessed to be your son.
  • “Of all the titles I’ve been privileged to have, ‘Dad’ has always been the best.” —Ken Norton
  • Happy Fathers Day! There is no unconditional love on earth greater than the love of a father to his son.
  • “My father taught me a good lesson: Don’t get too low when things go wrong. And don’t get too high when things are good.” —Robert Parish
  • People in my class often watch motivational videos. But, I don’t. Because you’re my source of motivation, Dad. Someday I hope to be just like you. Happy Father’s Day!
  • “Any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.” —Barack Obama
  • You’re the true hero from my childhood. Times may have changed but the things I have learned from you are both ageless and priceless. Happy Fathers Day!
  • “Becoming a dad is one thing—being a dad is many things.” —Steve Chapman
  • Dad, you are the definition of a ‘good human’ and a ‘perfect father’ to me. I hope I can follow your path as well. Happy Father’s Day to you!
  • “My dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn’t teach me everything he knows.” —Al Unser
  • Dear Father, Happy Father’s Day! You are the most inspiring figure in my life. Thank you for teaching me all the good values and practices.
  • “Life doesn’t come with an instruction book—that’s why we have fathers.” —H. Jackson Browne
  • Father! To me, you are the definition of inspiration, courage, and unconditional love. Happy Father’s Day, my old man.
  • “The fact that my relationship with my son is so good makes me forgiving of my father and also appreciative.” —Anthony Kiedis
  • It’s our heart that connects us and makes us father and son. Happy Father’s Day, dad!
  • “I am a family man, and my most important role is a father to my son.” —Ed Skrein
  • Happy father’s day, dad. Thank you for teaching me everything I know and making me who I am.
  • “It’s not flesh and blood but the heart that makes us father and son.” —Friedrich Schiller
  • Sons take their fathers as their role models; and I’m so proud to have the coolest role model ever!
  • “By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” —Charles Wadsworth
  • You’ve been my best friend since my first day on earth and you’ll be the same till my last. Happy Father’s day.
  • “Don’t wait until your son is a man to make him great; make him great as a boy.” —Unknown
  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thank you for letting me have both your jeans and your genes. I love you very much.
  • “Every dad, if he takes time out of his busy life to reflect upon his fatherhood, can learn ways to become an even better dad.” —Jack Baker

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Funny Fathers Day Quotes From Son 

Choose Funny Fathers Day Quotes From Son,  from the list below to make your dad laugh on Father’s Day with a hilarious card message!

These funny fathers day quotes make fun of the father-child bond while also celebrating the joys and challenges of parenting.

Father's Day Messages What to Write in a Father's Day Card :  kaveesh mommy
  • This Father’s Day, why don’t you do something really daring? Set new precedents! Shock everyone who says you’re predictable! Embrace your wild side! Well, at least put the toilet seat down, or stop and ask directions. (We love you just the way you are, dad).
  • “You can tell what was the best year of your father’s life because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out.” —Jerry Seinfeld
  • Dad, today is all about you! Enjoy it while it lasts, because tomorrow it’s back to us.
  • “When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape.” —Dave Attell
  • Father’s Day, Schumacher’s Day! I don’t need a designated day to tell you how instrumental you’ve been in my development, how I make every decision in my life based on what you would do. No one’s going to force me into commercializing my relationship with you! P.S. I love you, dad.
  • “I gave my father $100 and said, ‘Buy yourself something that will make your life easier.’ So he went out and bought a present for my mother.” —Rita Rudner
  • “My daughter got me a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. So we know she’s sarcastic.” —Bob Odenkirk
  • “Even though I’m proud my dad invented the rear-view mirror, we’re not as close as we appear.” —Stewart Francis
  • “Father’s Day is important because, besides being the day on which we honor Dad, it’s the one day of the year that Brookstone does any business.” —Jimmy Fallon
  • “Me and my dad used to play tag. He’d drive.” —Rodney Dangerfield
  • “We wondered why when a child laughed, he belonged to Daddy, and when he had a sagging diaper that smelled like a landfill, ‘He wants his mother.’” —Erma Bumbeck
  • “The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.” —Clarence Darrow
  • “Four-year-old: Tell me a scary story! Me: One time little people popped out of your mom, and they never stopped asking questions. Four-year-old: Why?” —James Breakwell
  • “Sometimes I am amazed that my wife and I created two human beings from scratch yet struggle to assemble the most basic of IKEA cabinets.” —John Kinnear
  • “Fatherhood is great because you can ruin someone from scratch.” —Jon Stewart
  • “Remember: What dad really wants is a nap. Really.” —Dave Barry
  • “Men should always change diapers. It’s a very rewarding experience. It’s mentally cleansing. It’s like washing dishes, but imagine if the dishes were your kids, so you really love the dishes.” —Chris Martin
  • “Men should always change diapers. It’s a very rewarding experience. It’s mentally cleansing. It’s like washing dishes, but imagine if the dishes were your kids, so you really love the dishes.” —Chris Martin

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Cute Fathers Day Quotes From Son

These lovely Cute Father’s Day quotes celebrate everything special about Father Son love, from the sweetness of parenting to the craziness of day-to-day living. 

Show your Father how much you care with cute fathers day quotes from son, that’s just right for him, from short and sweet to hilarious and funny.

30+ Best Father's Day Quotes 2021 - Happy Father's Day: kaveesh mommy
  • You are the greatest father any kid could ask for. I love you.
  • I am the luckiest son to have such an honest person like you as my Dad. You are my idol. I love you Dad.
  • You will always be my number one man, no matter where I go in life. I love you, papa.
  • Dear dad, whenever things are off-tracked or problems pile, your love and hugs give me the will and strength to fight back. Your love keeps my heart beating!
  • Maybe sometimes I wasn’t a good kid, but you never stopped loving me. You’re the best Dad ever!
  • Love you Dad for all those precious gifts, scolding at my mistakes, teaching me new things, unconditional love of yours and whatever you did for me.
  • You are a true gentleman and you inspire me to follow in your footsteps as well. Dad, I love you very much!
  • Dear Dad, you have always shown me love and care, even in my darkest days. I love you and I feel lucky to be your son!
  • Since childhood, you have taught me to be a kind human before being a man. And I still stand by your advice. I love you, Dad.
  • Dear Dad, you have taken care of me when I was a kid, but you still cannot stop worrying for me even now! I love you!
  • I have seen you get drenched in the rain, and still, cover me up so that I don’t catch a cold. I love you Dad, always stay with me.
  • Without your help and support, I cannot imagine achieving success in life. I love you Dad.
  • You have taught me to be a man and to get up stronger every time after I fall. I love you Dad. Keep increasing my strength.
  • Every time I cried for silly things, you have taught me that men do not cry; they fight! Thank you, Dad, for making me strong.
  • If I can be half the person you are, Dad, I’ll consider it my biggest triumph. I love you.
  • You’re not just my father; you’re also my best friend, my role model, my superhero, and my guardian angel. I love you, Daddy.
  • I love you dad with all my heart. Thanks for the lifelong royal experience, always grateful.
  • You have given me the most valuable gifts in life: your time, your care, and your affection. I love you, daddy.

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Inspirational Fathers Day Quotes From Son

Sometimes father and son need a little motivation. With these Inspirational Fathers Day Quotes From Son, tell your father how much he means to you.

These motivational Fathers Day quotes would look fantastic on home decorations he can use throughout the house to remind her of what’s essential in life.

These Father’s Day quotes discuss what he means to the family by teaching, assisting, and encouraging everyone on a daily basis.

Father-Son Quotes to Make Dad Smile on Father's Day: kaveesh mommy
  • My Daddy is my best friend, my hero. I’m so lucky to have you as my guardian, well-wisher, mentor and critic.
  • Knowing me well out and in, you always took the right step for me. You’re my life’s superstar! Love you so much.
  • Love you Daddy when you believe in me; I’m a fan of yours when you inspire me; you’re the reason behind my smile and my true friend.
  • What words suit you the best when you’ve to say something to that person who showed you the way in life with his unconditional love? Simply- I love you dad!
  • I will strive to be a better kid because you are the greatest father and you do not deserve anything less. I love you.
  • Dear dad, thanks for being so kind and making life such a beautiful journey. Love you to the moon and back.
  • To the person -who holds the most important place in my life and who has enriched myself with wisdom and strength, for which I’m here today- love you, daddy.
  • Before I even asked anything from you, you have always given me what I wanted. Thank you, Dad. I love you.
  • Lucky are those who have their fathers besides them and I’m fortunate enough to be one of them.
  • You never said no to things I demanded, even if those demands were silly. I love you Dad. Thank you for everything.
  • Without you, I’d be lost. I love you for always being there for me, Papa.
  • You have always encouraged me and I love you more for this. Have a nice day, daddy.
  • You know how to make me smile and be confident even in weird situations. Love you, daddy.
  • If you are beside me, I will overcome all of life’s challenges and difficulties. Papa, I love you.
  • I never doubted that I was loved. Because of you, I knew I was loved every day. Thank you, dad.
  • Thank you for putting in so much effort throughout your life so that I wouldn’t have to. I love you so much, dad.
  • I’m thankful to have had a father who accepted me for who I am. You’re the best, dad.
  • Dad, you have taught me lessons that helped me build myself and I owe you everything. Love you.
  • I am clueless how I would have faced this world filled with cruelty without you Dad. I love you!
  • Sorry for all the sleepless nights when you were up all night to calm me down when I cried aloud. Thank you, Dad, for taking care of me. I love you.

Love Quotes for Dad: Thank Your Dad and Tell Him “I Love You”

Are you looking for messages to express your love and care for your father? Do you want to tell your father how fortunate you are as a child?

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a collection of beautiful and lovely texts that will describe your strong relationship with your father.

Furthermore, we all know that daughters and sons have a special bond with their fathers.

We have messages for both sons and daughters that they can send on Father’s Day, their father’s birthday, or any other day.

These father’s day messages are sure to make your father happy.

80+ Dad Quotes That Come From the Heart: kaveesh mommy

I Love You Dad Messages

  • Daddy, thank you for raising me with such care. I love you!
  • When you are here, I have nothing to fear! I love you, Dad.
  • I am lucky to have you in my life. You are the best dad in the whole universe. I love you!
  • Words aren’t enough to tell you how much I love you. You’re my inspiration, my whole world. Your love is the precious gift of my life.
  • Dad, thank you for always believing in me. I love you so much.
  • Daddy, you’re the reason why I’m in this world. No matter how big I grow up, you’re the one who would look after me. I love you.
  • Sending all my love and warm hugs to the world’s best dad. You are a true inspiration.
  • I consider myself fortunate to have such a wonderful and loving father as you. I love you, Dad.
  • No matter how old we become, we’d always be your little masters. You’ve brought laughter, happiness, and triumph to our life. We love you more than anything on earth.
  • I have not seen any superheroes, but I have seen you! You are my superhero, Dad. I love you.
  • The only thought that gives me mental strength is that you’re always there to support me whatever the situation comes. Love you Dad!
  • To my Dad, I love you for being the best friend I could ever ask for!
  • You never cared about your own requirements to fulfill all my needs. Thank you for everything. I love you Dad.
  • Everyone says that I look like my mom. But, I want to be like you Dad. I love you the most.
  • All my dreams could not have been accomplished if you were not beside me. Thank you, Dad, for always being there. I love you Dad.
  • I can conquer all the problems and difficulties of life, with your shed on my head. I love you Dad.
  • The strength of your love and upbringing has made me reach this position in my life. Thank you, Dad. I love you.
  • I love you, dad. Thank you for always guiding me in my life with patience and love.
  • Dad, you showed me what it means to be a kind, humble and genuine human being. I love you for raising me to be like you.
  • My loving Dad, thank you for having such a strong faith in me and helping me to achieve my dreams. I love you.
  • Papa, you are the person I trust most in my life. I love you!
  • A father is always a role model for his children, but Daddy, you were also a great friend to me throughout my life. I love you.
  • Dear Dad, I love you for always being my guardian angel!
  • My lovely Dad, whatever I am today is because of your guidance, teachings, advice and constant love. I love you so much.
  • Words cannot express how much love and respect I have for you. “Thank You Dad” for being my biggest support! I love you!
  • Dad, you made me what I am today, with your love. I love you.
  • Keep me embraced with the warmth of your love. Always keep giving me warm hugs, Dad.
  • I love you for letting me explore and helping me to shape today’s me. May God bless you, Dad. Love you tons.

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Thank You Dad Quotes

One of these wonderful Thank You Dad Quotes will show your dad how much you appreciate his love and resilience.

He is always concerned about you and family, so make sure he is aware that everyone is caring about him. Remind him of how much you care with your favourite quotes and a bouquet of flowers or a lovely message.

These fathers day quotes would also look wonderful on a customised picture frame with a family photo — she’ll be touched and love displaying the photo within the house!

Happy Fathers Day Quotes for all dads: kaveesh mommy
  • Thank you for making life better every day, Dad. Love you.
  • On this special day, I want to thank you, dad, for being the best father in the world, for always supporting me and making me realize my strengths. Thank you for everything.
  • Thank you dad! I feel honored to have such an amazing and supportive father like you.
  • When I was a child, you nurtured me. When I was a teenager, you gave me boundaries. Now that I’m grown, you continue to be an example to my children. On Father’s Day, I thank you for being my life’s template. Love you, dad.
  • Words can never express my gratitude towards you. Thanks for all your sacrifices, daddy dearest.Dad, thanks for always caring and showering me with lots of love. May God bless you forever.
  • On Father’s Day, I wanted to send you a card thanking you for everything you’ve done for me (financial support and love) and for the things you haven’t done for me (letting me sass you, not letting me date “that” guy, giving me stuff without earning it). Love you!
  • Dad, I love you from the core of my heart. And you are the only person in the whole world who deserves this love. Thank you dad for everything.
  • When I think of you, dad, my eyes cloud up a tad. You always loved me a lot, even as a mouthy tot. Withstanding my teenage years while hiding your protective fears, and giving me room to grow while strategically saying “no.” While these gifts I cannot repay, I love you and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  
  • Whatever I do, wherever life takes me, I will always be thankful to you my Dad. Because I know without you my life would be worthless.
  • Thank you is not enough for the love you have given me over the years, the wishes that you have fulfilled, and the huge concern that is always in your eyes. Though very small to thank for everything, so just wishing you a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.
  • You make all the sacrifices with a smile on your face. Thank you for always being there for the family and me. We love and appreciate you so much.
  • Words cannot describe what you mean to me, you have made my life seem like a dream, you have made my life perfect. Happy Father’s Day dad.
  • Dad, Thank you for stand by me every time. Thank you for being extraordinary. Thank you for every single day.
  • Thank you dad! I don’t know how to express my love for you. I’m just speechless by remembering your contribution to my life. I love you so much.
  • ou have made the man who I am, I am grateful for having you, I love you, dad—happy Father’s Day to you.
  • I’m so much grateful to Almighty God, who gifted me the Father like you. Your importance in my life could not be express in words. Thank you for everything.
  • Dear dad, may God bestow upon you good health, lots of love and happiness that you can cherish always. You deserve much more for being the best father to your son. I love you very much.
  • Thank you for always making me feel like your little princess no matter how old I get. You are the most amazing father of all time. Sending you tons of love.
  • This day is not about ordinary people, It is about special people, It is about you! I love you, daddy. I am feeling so blessed to be your son!
  • 7 Billion People in the world but I am grateful that you are my dad. Thank you for everything.
  • I wish your first father’s day be filled with cuddles, fun, and a little sleep too! Happy Father’s day!
  • You are my best friend, my stress reliever, my perfect dad. Thank you for all the advice and for always having my back. I cannot imagine my life without you, dad.

Apart from any other random day, Father’s Day is a perfect day to express I Love You or Thank You to your father, who loves you as no one else can.

To express how much you adore your father, share a touching statement about him on Facebook or Twitter.

On this father’s day or any other significant day in your life, you may give him happy father’s day wishes by writing a nice message on a greeting card or a handwritten letter.

Finally, the quotes above may be used as a caption for photos of you and your father that you post on Instagram or Facebook on Father’s Day or his birthday.