“25 Hilarious Baby Myths Our Grandparents Believed – You Won’t Believe These!”

Hey everyone! Today, we’re going on a funny journey through some of the most hilarious and strange baby superstitions our grandparents told us. Thanks to a TikTok user, @artbydemarcusshawn, who shared his own experiences, we’ve got a list of 25 wacky beliefs to share with you!

bizarre and funny superstitions about babies that our grandparents swore by

Grandparents’ Funniest Baby Superstitions

  1. Avoid Clipping Baby’s Nails: “Bite them or your baby might become a thief!”
  2. Tickling Feet Equals Swearing: “No tickles, or they’ll grow up to be a swearer!”
  3. Upside Down Babies: “Flip them to fix their sleep schedule… Really?”
  4. Socks and Ankle Growth: “No socks, or those ankles won’t grow!”
  5. Raising Arms and Umbilical Cords: “Moms, keep your arms down while pregnant!”
  6. Mirrors and Baby Gums: “Looking in the mirror can hurt their gums?”
  7. Cats Stealing Baby’s Air: “Watch out for that air-stealing cat!”
  8. Ice Water Dangers: “Too much can drown the baby? That’s new!”
  9. Avoiding Baby Hair Growth: “Don’t touch their feet or their hair won’t grow!”
  10. Lettuce Baths for Sleep Apnea: “A lettuce bath a day keeps apnea away?”

More Bizarre Baby Beliefs

  1. Staring Fans and Hypnosis: “Don’t let the baby get hypnotized by a fan!”
  2. Swimming While Pregnant Risks: “Swim and the baby might drown? Wait, what?”
  3. Greens in Baby Bottles: “A hearty meal of greens in the bottle!”
  4. Flies and Mosquito Nets: “A fly in the room calls for a mosquito net!”
  5. No Night Time for Babies: “After dark equals baby gas troubles?”
  6. Mirror Heart Attacks: “Babies, mirrors, and heart attacks – a scary trio!”
  7. Camera Flash Dangers: “Too many pictures can ruin their eyes!”
  8. Exploding Hemorrhoids: “Hot cars and hemorrhoids – a dangerous mix!”
  9. Watermelon Nightmares: “Eat watermelon at night and risk internal rot?”
  10. Cold Concrete Perils: “Sitting on concrete harms internal organs?”


Wow, grandparents really had some wild ideas about taking care of babies, didn’t they? These superstitions, as funny as they are, show how much love and concern they had, even if their beliefs were a bit off the wall.

What are some funny or strange superstitions you’ve heard? Share them in the comments below and let’s keep the laughter going!

source: BuzzFeed, TikTok (@artbydemarcusshawn)

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