How should we respect and honour our grandparents?

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Observing someone is a great way to learn new things, and we’re supposed to honor our parents according to the fifth commandment. Even though we don’t have to do everything our parents say as adults, we should still show them respect and care. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Give them hugs and show them affection to make them feel loved.
  • Share stories about your parents with your kids to keep their memory alive and make them feel special.
  • Plan activities that they will enjoy, like watching their favourite movies or taking them to their favourite places.
  • Help them out financially if you can, whether it’s sending them money or treating them to meals.
  • Hold doors open for them and be kind to show them that you value and respect them.
  • Pray for them and their wellbeing as a family to show them that you care.
  • Get creative with gifts and make them a family project to show that you care and appreciate them.
  • Respect their lifestyle and preferences, whether it’s their sleep schedule or diet.

It’s important to show our parents honour and respect so that our own children will learn to do the same. Honouring our elders is also a way to honour God and create a positive cycle of respect and love.

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