What do I say to my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary?

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A Personal Guide: What to Say to Parents on Their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Hey there, readers! Celebrating my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary was a beautiful and emotional day for me. I spent days pondering over what to say, how to express my love, gratitude, and admiration for their years of dedication to each other. If you’re in the same boat, fret not! Here’s a guide on what you might consider saying on this silver milestone.

Why is the 25th Anniversary so Special?

The 25th anniversary, often termed the “Silver Anniversary,” is a significant milestone. It represents a quarter of a century together! It’s not just about time; it’s about the journey, the memories, and the bond that has only grown stronger.

What Makes Their Relationship Inspiring?

Look back and think. What moments between your parents truly touched your heart? Maybe it was the way they supported each other during tough times or their little acts of love, like making coffee for each other every morning. Sharing such personal observations can make your message truly heartwarming.

How Have They Shaped You as a Person?

Your parents’ relationship isn’t just about them. It’s about the family. It’s about YOU! How have their values, their sacrifices, and their love stories impacted your life and beliefs? Sharing this will let them know the depth of their influence.

What Wishes Do You Have for Their Future?

While celebrating the past 25 years is vital, looking forward to the future is equally important. What are your dreams and hopes for them for the next 25 years? Maybe it’s about them taking that dream vacation or simply growing old together, surrounded by laughter and love.

Should You Include a Fun Memory?

Absolutely! Anniversaries are about celebration. Recall a fun or funny memory related to their relationship. Maybe it’s that time they tried to cook together and ended up ordering pizza, or perhaps a dance they did at a family wedding. Bringing up these memories will surely light up their faces.

Is It Okay to Get Emotional?

Definitely. It’s a big day. Letting your emotions flow will show your genuine feelings. If you feel like shedding a tear or your voice quivers while speaking, it’s okay. Emotions make the moment real and memorable.


Speaking from the heart is key. Your words, filled with personal experiences and genuine emotions, will surely make your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary unforgettable. Remember, it’s not about grand words but genuine feelings. Make it a day they’ll cherish forever, and let them know how much they mean to you.

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