Why are you grateful for your grandmother?

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I love National Grandparents Day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labour Day every year. It’s a day to show our grandparents how much we appreciate their love and affection.

There are many reasons to be thankful for our grandparents.

  • First, they love us unconditionally from the moment we’re born and that love never fades. They also have time to listen to our stories and help us explore our imaginations.
  • Grandparents are living history and know the history of our family. They can tell us about relatives we’ve never met and share stories about our parents as kids. They have time to be present and respond to our needs.
  • Grandparents are great teachers and can help us navigate life by sharing their experiences and mistakes. They also keep family traditions alive and teach us about our cultural background.
  • Grandparents are wise and offer care and support whenever we need it. It’s important to show them the same love and kindness they’ve shown us as we grow older.

On National Grandparents Day, we can do something as simple as visiting them or make grander plans to show our appreciation. It’s a great way to celebrate the purest form of love and affection our grandparents provide.

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