Why grandparents are special for kids?

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Gone are the days when grandparents were considered merely as indulgent cookie-bakers or head-patters. Current research demonstrates that children who have meaningful relationships with their grandparents receive several advantages, including a sense of family heritage and greater happiness compared to those who lack such relationships.

This article presents a few compelling reasons why having grandparents in your child’s life is something to be thankful for.

7 Reasons Why Kids Need Their Grandparents

Values and Wisdom Passed Down Through Generations

I always try my best to instil values and morality in my children. As a parent, I believe that I am the biggest influence in my child’s life.

However, I also recognize that grandparents have a crucial role to play in my child’s value development.

Whenever my children spend time with their grandparents, they share stories, lessons, and wisdom about life that can have a significant impact on my child’s moral development.

I always encourage my children to listen to their grandparents and learn from their experiences.

Grandma: The Pillar of Support Every Child Needs

I am grateful for the support that grandparents provide to my children. Whenever my children need to cry or complain, they know that their grandparents are always there to listen—even if they are complaining about me.

 I see this as an advantage because sometimes my children are convinced that I am being horribly unfair, but their grandparents offer a sympathetic ear and can explain my reasoning in a way that my children are more willing to hear.

I appreciate how my children’s grandparents can bridge the gap between us and help us see things from each other’s perspective.

Grandmothers Make Great Friends

As a parent, I understand that I cannot always be my child’s friend. It’s also true that other children’s friendships often come with peer pressure and expectations.

However, I am thankful that my children have their grandparents as companions. Grandparents don’t have to worry about school or social situations as much as I do, so they offer companionship without peer pressure.

I find it comforting to know that my children can enjoy spending time with their grandparents without feeling the pressure to conform to social norms or expectations.

Grandmothers as Mentors

I love how eager my children are to learn new skills, and I am thankful that their grandparents can make excellent mentors.

Sometimes, my father has a way of teaching a child to tie their shoes that works better than mine. Other times, Grandma has more time to help a child with their math homework than I do, especially when I am tired from a long day.

It’s amazing how a child can discover a love for woodworking, sewing, or even particle physics because of a skill they admire in their grandparent. I am grateful for the unique ways that my children’s grandparents can help them learn and grow.

Linking Generations

I know my parents might not be too pleased to be called a link to the past, but from my children’s perspective, that’s just what they are.

Whenever my children spend time with their grandparents, they listen to family stories and tales of the way things used to be.

They get a sense of family history and lineage that children without grandparents often miss out on. I appreciate how my children’s grandparents help them understand their roots and connect with their family history.

It’s wonderful to see how my children’s relationships with their grandparents help strengthen our family ties.

Grandmothers Bring Stability to Children’s Lives

I appreciate how my children’s grandparents offer a sense of stability in an ever-changing world. This is especially important for children whose parents have divorced.

In the midst of watching their parents separate, knowing that grandma or grandpa are there can be a huge comfort for my children. Even when life changes are not as traumatic as divorce, they can still throw a child off-balance.

For example, a parent’s new job, period of unemployment, a change of school, or a move to a new town can all leave a child feeling upset and confused. It’s reassuring to know that when life gets difficult, my children can turn to their grandparents for comfort and support.

Their presence can help my children feel more grounded and secure in an ever-changing world.

Happier Kids, Thanks to Grandmothers

I’m grateful for my children’s grandparents because research shows that kids with grandparents tend to be happier and more emotionally stable.

 According to Oxford University researchers, children who have grandparents that are actively involved with them are significantly happier than their peers who don’t have grandparents.

Additionally, a study conducted by Boston University found that children who grew up with grandparents experienced lower than average rates of depression.

These findings highlight the positive impact that grandparents can have on a child’s emotional well-being.

It’s wonderful to see how my children’s relationships with their grandparents contribute to their happiness and emotional stability.

In conclusion,

grandparents play a crucial role in a child’s life. From passing down values and wisdom to being a stable presence in an ever-changing world, grandparents offer a unique set of benefits that cannot be found elsewhere.

Grandparents can serve as mentors, friends, and pillars of support, and their presence in a child’s life can help them connect with their family history and build stronger family ties.

Furthermore, studies have shown that children with grandparents tend to be happier and more emotionally stable.

As parents, we should cherish and encourage our children’s relationships with their grandparents, as they offer a wealth of benefits that can positively impact a child’s life.

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