10 challenges new mom face


Breastfeeding challenges are common, but knowing what to expect and when to get help can help you overcome them. 

Common breastfeeding challenges include:

Many moms say that their nipples feel tender when they first start breastfeeding 

Sore nipples

Moms sometimes worry about whether they are making enough milk for baby. 

Low milk supply. 

Engorgement is when your breasts feel very full and may be painful. 


A plugged duct feels like a tender and sore lump in the breast. It is caused by a milk duct that does not drain properly. 

Plugged duct. 

Infections can occur on your nipples or in your breast. 

Fungal infection. 

This is when your baby suddenly refuses to breastfeed, after breastfeeding well for months. 

Nursing strike 

Women with all shapes and sizes of breasts and nipples can breastfeed, though some adjustments may help. 

Breast and nipple size and shape 

Frequent feedings can leave you feeling like you don't have any time for yourself. 

Feeling like you can't leave your baby 

These feelings may come with being a new mom. 

Feelings of sadness or depression 

Others may not always support your decision to breastfeed. 

Dealing with judgment. 


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Common Breastfeeding Challenges | WIC Breastfeeding.