4th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends: 100 Powerful Messages

When the time comes to send 4th wedding anniversary wishes For friends, selecting the right words becomes crucial.

The fourth wedding anniversary is not just another date on the calendar; it stands as a proud testament to love, trust, and countless shared moments.

For your lifelong pals, capturing that enduring bond in words is essential. Perhaps saying, “Here’s to four years of shared memories, best friends forever!” would touch the right chord.

Have a childhood friend reached this milestone? A heartfelt message will surely bring back all the sweet memories.

For those friends who turned their college romances into lifelong partnerships, crafting unique and memorable wishes can remind them of those carefree university days.

When a close-knit group of friends celebrates, personalized wishes that spotlight special shared moments can make the day even more memorable.

In today’s social media age, many of us choose to celebrate milestones on platforms like Instagram. Fun and warm “4th wedding anniversary wishes for Instagram” or even light-hearted 4th-year anniversary jokes and memes can fit the bill perfectly.

For those who find strength in faith, incorporating religious messages or prayers can add a special touch to their anniversary wishes.

These four years serve as an emblem of enduring love, mutual respect, and dreams woven together.

Whether heart-touching, funny, romantic, or succinct, the core sentiment remains: to celebrate the journey of marriage and mark milestones in the saga of love and partnership.

fourth wedding anniversary wishes for friend

1. 🌺🌼 Four fabulous years of love and togetherness! Here’s to countless more shared memories, laughter, and endless love. Happy 4th anniversary, dear friend! 💕

2. 🍃 Four years ago, you both promised a lifetime of love, and every day since, you’ve beautifully kept that promise. Cheers to your ever-growing love story! 🥂 Happy 4th!

3. 🌟💍 Four years of weaving dreams together, may your bond only get stronger with each passing day. Keep shining, lovebirds! Happy anniversary. ✨

4. 🎵 On this day, four years ago, you both started a harmony that continues to enchant us all. Keep making music together! 🎶 Happy 4th wedding anniversary!

5. 🎈 4 years, 48 months, or 1460 days – however you count it, it’s clear to see your love is immeasurable! Happy anniversary, friend! 💑

6. 📖 Chapter 4 of your epic love story is complete, and it’s been such a delight witnessing every page. Can’t wait for the sequels! 📚 Happy 4th anniversary!

7. 🎨 Four years of painting the canvas of life with the vibrant colors of love, trust, and understanding. Here’s to creating more masterpieces together! 🖼️ Happy anniversary.

8. 🚀 Four years and still going strong! May your love continue to ascend to galaxies unexplored. To infinity and beyond! 🌌 Happy 4th anniversary.

9. 🕰️ As the sands of time trickle down, may your love only amplify. Celebrating four years of your timeless journey! ⏳ Happy anniversary!

10. 🍀 Four petals on the clover of luck – hope, faith, love, and happiness. May your marriage continue to be blessed with these treasures! 🌹 Happy 4th wedding anniversary!

4th anniversary wishes for couple

1. 🌟✨ To four years of love, laughter, and countless memories! Here’s to a lifetime more of moments that make your heart dance. Happy 4th Anniversary! 🍾🥂

2. 🌍 Four years, and you two still orbit around each other like the earth and the moon. May your journey always be illuminated with love. Happy Anniversary! 🌛💖

3. 🌱 From seedlings to a blooming garden, your love has grown beautifully. Cheers to your 4th year and many more seasons of blossoming love! 🌸🌼

4. 🕰 Four years down, forever to go! Time flies when love is the pilot. Buckle up for more incredible journeys together! Happy Anniversary! 🚀❤️

5. 📖 Chapter Four of your epic love story is complete, and every page was filled with passion and adventure. Can’t wait for the next chapter! Happy 4th Anniversary! 📚💏

6. 🎨 Like a masterpiece that gets more valuable with time, your love story continues to inspire. Here’s to painting many more memories together. Happy 4th Anniversary! 🖼️❤️

7. 🎵 To the rhythm of your love, you’ve danced for four wonderful years. Here’s to countless more songs of togetherness. Happy Anniversary! 🎶💃🕺

8. 🎲 Four years of rolling the dice together and you’ve turned every challenge into a win. May your lucky streak in love never end! Happy 4th Anniversary! 🥇💑

9. 🍷 Like fine wine, your love matures beautifully with every year. Here’s a toast to the unforgettable 4 years and the exquisite years ahead! Cheers! 🍇💞

10. 🌈 Four years of finding the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow – each other. May your love continue to shine and sparkle! Happy 4th Anniversary! 🎉🥰

4th wedding anniversary wishes for friends

1. 🌺 Four years down, forever to go! May every day be as heartwarming and love-filled as the first. Happy 4th anniversary, dear friends!

2. 🌟 Just like wine, some things just get better with time. Cheers to four fantastic years and many more to come! Happy anniversary! 🍷

3. 🍀 Four years of love, laughter, and countless memories. Here’s to your beautiful journey and the many adventures still awaiting. Happy 4th anniversary! 🚀

4. 🍩 To the couple that’s as sweet as a fresh donut in the morning! May your love stay fresh and sweet forever. Happy 4th anniversary! 🍰

5. 🎶 Four years in, and you two still strike the perfect chord together. Keep creating the most beautiful symphony! Happy anniversary, maestros! 🎻

6. 📖 As you turn the page on your 4th chapter together, may your love story continue to be my favorite read. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness! 🥂

7. 🌅 Every sunrise brings a promise of a new day. May each of yours be brighter and more beautiful than the last. Happy 4th anniversary to the couple that shines together! 🌟

8. 🌲 Just as a tree grows stronger with every passing year, so does your bond. Here’s to the roots of your love growing deeper. Happy 4th anniversary, lovebirds! 🌳

9. 🎨 Four years of painting the canvas of life together, and each year, the masterpiece only gets more beautiful. Continue creating memories! Happy anniversary! 🖼

10. 🕰 Time flies when you’re in love and having fun. Here’s to slowing down, cherishing every moment, and basking in the glow of four fabulous years together. Happy 4th anniversary! 🎉

Heart touching fourth wedding anniversary wishes to friends

1. 🌸 Four years of love, laughter, and countless memories! May your bond grow stronger with each passing day. Happy 4th anniversary, dear friends! 🎉

2. 🌿 As the four seasons complete a year, you’ve completed four years of love and togetherness. May every season ahead be in your favor. Happy 4th Anniversary! 🍁❄️🌸☀️

3. 🍷 To the couple that sparkles brighter than a vintage wine! Cheers to the four years of beautiful journey and the many more to come. Happy 4th wedding anniversary! 🥂

4. 💕 Just like a flower can’t bloom without rain, love can’t grow without challenges. Here’s to the challenges you’ve overcome in these 4 years and the beauty that’s resulted. Happy anniversary! 🌹

5. 🎶 To four years of dancing through life’s tune together! May your love continue to be the music that keeps you moving. Happy 4th anniversary! 🎵

6. 💖 Every year, you both redefine love and commitment for us all. Here’s to the beautiful tapestry of memories you’ve woven in four years. Happy anniversary, dear friends! 🎨

7. 🌠 Four years down, forever to go! May your love continue to shine brighter than the stars in the sky. Happy 4th wedding anniversary! ✨

8. 🏞️ As you celebrate four years of a beautiful journey, remember every mountain you’ve climbed and every valley you’ve crossed together. Cheers to the many more adventures ahead! Happy anniversary! 🌄

9. 📚 Each year of your marriage is like a chapter full of love stories, with every day being a beautiful page. Happy 4th anniversary, and here’s to many more chapters! 🖋️

10. 🕰️ Time flies when you’re with the one you love! It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already. May each tick-tock bring you closer and fill your lives with countless blessings. Happy 4th wedding anniversary! 💝

Funny fourth wedding anniversary wishes for friend

1. “Four years of wedded bliss, and you two still seem to tolerate each other! Here’s to many more years of mildly irritating one another. 🥂💍😉”

2. “Happy 4th Anniversary! That’s 1,461 days of ‘I do’ and probably 1,462 times of ‘What did I get myself into?’ 😜❤️🎉”

3. “Cheers to 4 years of stealing the covers, endless snoring, and still being madly in love! May the quirks continue. 🥰🛌🤣”

4. “Four years down and forever to go! If marriage was a game, you two would be high scorers in ‘Surviving Together’! 🎮❤️😂”

5. “Happy 4th Anniversary! Here’s to four years of unpaid housework and countless shared remote controls. 📺🧹😆”

6. “Year 4 and you two are still a thing?! Well, it’s clear neither of you can do any better. Congrats! 😉🍾🎈”

7. “May your 4th year be filled with more love, laughter, and fewer arguments about who’s turning off the lights at night. 💡❤️😂”

8. “Four years married and not a single return or exchange? That’s some strong commitment game right there. Happy shopping… I mean, anniversary! 🛍️💍😁”

9. “Happy 4 years of ‘us versus the world’! Or should I say, ‘us versus the dishes’? Either way, you’re winning! 🍽️❤️🤪”

10. “If every married couple were as delightful as you two, there’d be a spike in weddings and a drop in cake availability. Keep showing us how it’s done! 🍰❤️😆”

Short fourth wedding anniversary wishes for best friend

1. 🌸 To another year of shared dreams and whispered secrets. Happy 4th, bestie! 💍✨

2. Four years of love, laughter, and the kind of memories only best friends know about! 🎉💖 Happy Anniversary!

3. 4 years, and you both still look at each other like it’s day one! Here’s to the golden moments yet to come. 🍾🥂

4. 🌿 Four seasons of love, four years of memories! May your journey together be filled with endless adventures. 💖

5. Here’s to the inside jokes, shared dreams, and memories only you two understand. 🎈Happy 4th, dear friend! 🎊

6. 4 years down and forever to go! May your love story always be my favorite one to tell. 💕📖

7. Cheers to 4 years of unmatched love and countless stories! Keep the magic alive. ✨🥂

8. Like fine wine, may your love deepen with time. Celebrating four years of your togetherness, bestie! 🍷❤️

9. Four petals on the flower of your love, may it blossom more each day! 🌺 Happy Anniversary!

10. Time flies when love’s the pilot. Can’t believe it’s been 4 magical years! Happy flying, best friend! 🎈❤️🕰️

cute  fourth wedding anniversary wishes for friend

1. 🌸 Four years down and forever to go! Your love story continues to bloom with each passing day. Wishing you many more years of shared smiles and endless happiness. Happy 4th wedding anniversary! 🌸

2. 🍀 Four petals on a clover, each symbolizing luck, hope, love, and dreams. May your 4th wedding anniversary be as special as the bond you both share. Stay blessed! 🍀

3. 🍰 Cheers to the sweetest slice of life you’ve shared over the past four years! Wishing you an eternity of laughter, love, and delicious moments. Happy Anniversary! 🍰

4. 🎈 Four years of weaving dreams together! May your love continue to soar and be as colorful as balloons in the sky. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, dear friend! 🎈

5. 🐾 As you celebrate your 4th year together, may your journey be filled with playful moments, much like the joyful prancing of kittens. Wishing you endless purrs and cuddles! Happy Anniversary! 🐾

6. 🚀 Time flies when you’re in love! It’s been four adventurous years since you both said “I do.” Here’s to many more galaxies of love yet to explore. Happy 4th wedding anniversary! 🚀

7. 🌳 Rooted in love and strengthened with time, just like a four-year-old tree, may your relationship keep growing, reaching for the skies! Happy Anniversary, dear friend! 🌳

8. 🎉 Four years of unwrapping moments of joy, surprises, and shared memories. May your love continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. Happy 4th wedding anniversary! 🎉

9. 🍪 Here’s to the recipe of love you’ve perfected over the past four years! Wishing you many more years of sweet and crunchy moments. Happy Anniversary, cookie! 🍪

10. 💡 Four years of lighting up each other’s lives! May your bond continue to shine bright, guiding you through thick and thin. Wishing you a luminous 4th wedding anniversary! 💡

 4th wedding anniversary wishes from friend

1. 🌸 Happy 4th Anniversary! Watching the two of you grow together these past years has been like watching a fairy tale come to life. Here’s to many more chapters! 🥂

2. 🎉 Four years down, forever to go! Sending oceans of love and bucketfuls of wishes on your 4th wedding anniversary. Keep blossoming together! 🌹

3. 🍾 From the moment you both said “I do” to every shared sunrise since, your love story continues to inspire. Cheers to your 4th year and many more adventures ahead! 🌍

4. 🎈 Four years of love, laughter, and learning! Here’s to you both, the dynamic duo, on your 4th wedding anniversary. May the melody of your love keep playing! 🎶

5. 🌻 Witnessing the bloom of your love over these four years has been nothing short of magical. Happy 4th Anniversary! Keep shining and growing together. 🌟

6. 🍫 As you celebrate four sweet years of togetherness, may your journey ahead be even sweeter! Happy Anniversary, you lovebirds! 🐦❤️

7. 🎁 Wrapped in moments of love, stitched with memories, and adorned with understanding – your marriage is truly a masterpiece. Happy 4th Anniversary! 🎨

8. 🚀 Time flies when you’re in love! 4 years already? Here’s to your love soaring even higher. Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary! 💫

9. 🏞️ Your love story reminds me of a beautiful landscape painting, where every year adds more color and depth. Happy 4th Anniversary! May you keep painting this canvas of love forever. 🖌️

10. 🍰 Four years of slicing through life’s challenges and feasting on its joys! Happy 4th Anniversary. Here’s to the beautiful recipe of your love, getting tastier every year! 🍷

 4th wedding anniversary wishes for friend long distance

1. 🌍💞 Even though miles separate us, my heart feels the joy and love of your 4th anniversary! Wishing you both many more years of happiness and countless blessings. May your love grow stronger despite the distance.

2. ✈️💌 Though continents apart, I can still feel the love and warmth of your togetherness. Cheers to 4 years of marital bliss! May your bond only get stronger with each passing day.

3. 🌌💑 From across the oceans and under different skies, sending loads of love and best wishes for your 4th wedding anniversary. Distance means so little when the love is this strong.

4. 🌟🌉 Every mile between us is a testament to the strength and resilience of your love. Happy 4th anniversary! May you both continue to bridge the distance with undying love.

5. 🛰️❤️ Just as satellites beam signals across vast distances, my warm wishes for your 4th anniversary are reaching out to you. Here’s to love that knows no boundaries!

6. 🗺️💏 Though maps show us separated by land and sea, on this special day, my heart is right there celebrating with you both. Happy 4th anniversary, and may love always guide your journey together.

7. 🌎🕊️ From this corner of the world to yours, sending a dove carrying wishes and love for a magical 4th wedding anniversary. May your love shine brighter than any star, regardless of the distance.

8. 🌠💖 As the stars bridge the vastness of space, may your love bridge every mile between you. Wishing you a sparkling 4th wedding anniversary from afar!

9. 💌🚀 Sending a rocket full of hugs, kisses, and well wishes for your 4th wedding anniversary. May your love continue to defy distances and rise above all challenges.

10. 🏞️💑 Whether separated by valleys, mountains, or seas, nothing can part a love as beautiful as yours. Wishing you a joyous 4th anniversary celebration, filled with memories that bring you closer, no matter the miles.

Romantic 4th wedding anniversary messages for friend

Of course! Here are ten unique and romantic 4th wedding anniversary messages for a friend:

1. 🌹Four years of shared dreams and cherished memories! May your love for each other continue to bloom, just like flowers in the spring. Happy 4th anniversary!🌼

2. 🍷To my favorite duo! 4 years down and forever to go. May your love story continue to inspire all of us. Cheers to endless love and laughter!🥂

3. 🎶Four years of harmonious melodies and sweet rhythms. May your marital symphony continue to play the most romantic tunes. Happy 4th, lovebirds!💕

4. 🌌Every star in the sky is a testament to your enduring love. Here’s to 4 years of lighting up each other’s worlds and many more to come. Shine on!✨

5. 🎉Four trips around the sun, and your love still shines as bright as day one! May your journey ahead be filled with adventures and cherished moments. Happy anniversary!🚀

6. 🏞️Through every season of marriage, your love has remained unwavering. Wishing you a 4th anniversary that’s as beautiful and enduring as the mountains. Keep climbing together!🌄

7. 🍰Slice up the memories of these past 4 years and you’ll find endless layers of love, trust, and understanding. Here’s to adding many more layers in the years to come! Happy anniversary!🎂

8. 💌Four pages into your forever story, and each word is filled with love. May your next chapters be filled with even more romance and happiness. Happy 4th anniversary!📖

9. 🦋Like two butterflies in a dance, you’ve fluttered through 4 years of joy and challenges, always together. May your love continue to soar. Happy anniversary!🌠

10. 🌍In the vast universe of love stories, yours stands out brilliantly. Four years down, and yet it feels like you’ve just begun. Here’s to infinity and beyond! Happy anniversary!💖

 4th wedding anniversary wishes for friend for Instagram

1. “Four years down and forever to go! Here’s to the love story that keeps getting better with every chapter 🥂📖 Happy 4th Anniversary, dear friends! 🌹❤️ #CheersToForever”

2. “Just like a fine wine, your love only grows richer with time 🍷 Happy 4th Anniversary! Cheers to many more years of happiness and love 💑🎉 #LoveAgedToPerfection”

3. “Your love story continues to inspire and light up the world around you! ✨ 4 years and still glowing strong. Happy Anniversary! 💖🎊 #LoveGoals”

4. “Seasons have changed, but one thing remains constant – your unwavering love for each other 🍂💞 Happy 4th Anniversary, you two! #FourYearsOfFabulous”

5. “Four years, countless memories, and infinite love. Here’s to another year of laughter, joy, and lovey-dovey moments 🥰💫 Happy Anniversary! #DynamicDuo”

6. “Every year, your love blooms a little more, adding beauty to the world 🌸💕 Happy 4th Anniversary! May your love always blossom 🌷🎈 #ForeverInBloom”

7. “Love isn’t just about finding the right person, but creating the right story. 4 years and yours is still my favorite fairy tale 🏰💖 Happy Anniversary! #LoveStoryGoals”

8. “In the symphony of life, your love is the sweetest melody 🎶💗 Cheers to 4 harmonious years and many more to come! #AnniversaryVibes”

9. “To the couple who shows us that love is not just an emotion, but a journey. 4 years of adventures and counting! 🌍💑 Happy 4th Anniversary! #LoveAdventures”

10. “Every year with you two is like opening a new chapter in the best book ever written 📚❤️ Happy 4th Anniversary! Here’s to many more pages of love and joy 🎉 #LoveChronicles”

 4th wedding anniversary wishes for friend from bible

Of course! Here are 10 4th wedding anniversary wishes for a friend inspired by the Bible, with a touch of uniqueness and creativity:

1. 🌷 “May the love you share continue to reflect the love described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, always patient, kind, and never failing. Happy 4th Anniversary!”

2. 🕊️ “Four years of God’s grace in your marriage! Just as Proverbs 18:22 says, ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing.’ Celebrate this blessing!”

3. 🌻 “May your union always bear fruit, reminiscent of the vineyards in the Song of Solomon. Wishing you joy and love on your 4th anniversary!”

4. 🌌 “Ecclesiastes 4:12 mentions, ‘A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.’ May God remain the third strand in your marriage, making it unbreakable. Happy Anniversary!”

5. 🍃 “Praying that the Lord blesses your 4th year together as beautifully as He adorned the lilies of the field. Shine on in His love!”

6. 💕 “Mark 10:9 says, ‘What God has joined together, let no one separate.’ May your bond strengthen with each passing day. Cheers to 4 years and many more!”

7. 🏞️ “Just as rivers flow with an endless surge, may God’s love and mercy pour ceaselessly upon your union. Happy 4th anniversary!”

8. 🌼 “Inspired by Philippians 1:3 – Every time I think of you two, I thank God for the beautiful journey He’s set you on. Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary!”

9. 🌟 “May your love continue to light up your lives as brightly as the stars that shine in the night sky, a testament to God’s wonderful design. Celebrate these 4 years with joy!”

10. 🍞 “Just as Jesus broke bread and shared wine, may your days be filled with sharing life’s blessings and cherishing each other’s company. Happy 4th anniversary to a radiant couple!”

religious 4th wedding anniversary messages for friend

### 1. **Divine Union:** ✨

_”Happy 4th Anniversary, dear friend! 🌹 Just as God has brought the two of you together, may He continue to strengthen your bond with every passing year. Four years of love, laughter, and faith. Continue to let His light shine upon your marriage. 💑🙏”_

### 2. **Blessed Quartet:** 🕊️

_”Four beautiful years! 🎉 Every year symbolizes one of the Gospels that have guided your union – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. As you celebrate your 4th anniversary, may the teachings of these apostles inspire everlasting love and trust in your marriage. ❤️📖”_

### 3. **Faithful Foundations:** ⛪

_”With every milestone, your marriage is a testament to God’s grace! 🌟 Happy 4th wedding anniversary. May your love continue to be a beacon for all, illuminating the power of faith, hope, and divine love. 🎊👫”_

### 4. **Four-Fold Blessings:** 🌺

_”Happy 4th anniversary! 🎈 Just as there are four corners to a strong foundation, may the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and Love always be the cornerstones of your marital bliss. Stay blessed and ever-in-love. 💖🙌”_

### 5. **Glorious Journey:** 🛤️

_”Walking hand in hand with faith and love! 🤝 Happy 4th wedding anniversary. Your journey is an embodiment of God’s wonderful plans. Here’s to many more years under His loving gaze and guidance. 🍾🎉”_

### 6. **Eternal Harmony:** 🎵

_”On this 4th anniversary, may the symphony of your love play the sweetest melodies, harmonizing with God’s eternal plan for both of you. Stay blessed, in tune, and in love! 🎶❤️”_

### 7. **Sacred Promise:** 💍

_”Another year of keeping the sacred vows made before the Almighty! 🙏 Happy 4th wedding anniversary, friend. May God’s grace continue to shower upon your union, nurturing it with endless love, patience, and understanding. ✨🕊️”_

 4th wedding anniversary prayers for friend

**Prayers for a 4th Wedding Anniversary for a Friend** 🌸

1. **Fourfold Blessings 🌹**

   *Heavenly Father,🌟* 

   As this couple celebrates four years, 

   We pray for love that never veers. 

   May their bond grow stronger with every day, 

   And happiness always come their way. 

   Bless them with memories, laughter, and song, 

   And guide them right when things go wrong. 

   Four years of love, 🍃 four years of grace, 

   May they forever find warmth in each other’s embrace.🌼

2. **Foundation of Love 💒**

   *Gracious God, 🕊* 

   As they mark their 4th year in life’s wondrous dance, 

   We thank You for giving their love a chance. 

   Built on a foundation so incredibly strong, 

   Guide them on the path where they both belong. 

   May their journey be filled with joy and glee, 

   A beacon of love for all to see.🌟

3. **Four Seasons of Love 🍂❄️🌸☀️**

   *Lord of the Seasons, 🌍* 

   In spring’s embrace or winter’s cold chill, 

   Their love has triumphed over every hill. 

   In summer’s warmth or autumn’s gold hue, 

   We’re grateful for the love that’s grown and renewed. 

   May their days together continue to be bright, 

   And their hearts forever light.🕯️

4. **An Eternal Tapestry 🌌**

   *Creator of Time, ⏳* 

   Four years together, a tapestry they’ve spun, 

   With threads of joy, challenges, laughter, and fun. 

   Continue to weave their story with Your grace, 

   And keep them close in Your loving embrace. 

   As they journey on, side by side, 

   May Your light always be their guide.🌠

 4th year wedding anniversary jokes for friend

**”4th Year Wedding Anniversary Jokes for Your Friend!”** 🎉

1. Why did the couple celebrate their 4th anniversary at the fruit market? Because they were in the year of the fruit and flowers! 🍎🌼

2. Four years in, and my advice for your next anniversary is simple: keep the flowers, ditch the fruitcakes! 🍏🎂❌

3. What did one spouse say to the other on their 4th wedding anniversary? “I love you berry much, but if you give me another fruit basket, we’re gonna have a grape problem!” 🍇🤣

4. Here’s to four years of wedded bliss! And by “bliss,” I mean figuring out if that’s a romantic bouquet or a salad. 🥗💐

5. Roses are red,

   Violets are blue,

   Four years have passed,

   And he still can’t find his shoe! 👞❓

6. Your 4th year of marriage is all about fruits and flowers. Just remember: roses say “I love you” but pineapples are a bit prickly! 🍍🌹

7. Four years in, and the most romantic thing you’ve said is: “Your turn to water the plants!” 🌺💦

8. Happy 4th Anniversary! Here’s to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane! (And remembering to water the flowers you got last year!) 💦🌸🤣

 4th year wedding anniversary poem for friend

**1. Four Years In A Dance 🌟**

To a friend so dear, on this day so clear, 🌼 

Four years have flown, how swiftly they’ve gone! 🌪️ 

Each moment, a stitch, in love’s rich tapestry, 🎨 

Your journey together, a beautiful symphony. 🎶 

Battles fought, victories won, 🛡️ 

In four years, see how far you’ve come! 🚀 

May your dance continue, with love as your guide, 🌌 

With every twist and turn, side by side. 💃🕺 

**2. The Seasons Of Love ❤️**

From the blush of spring to winter’s embrace, ❄️ 

Four years, in love’s gentle pace. 

For my friend so true, this is my wish for you, 🌠 

May your love grow stronger, in every hue. 🌈 

Summer’s warmth and autumn’s gold 🍂, 

Together you’ve aged, yet never grown old. 

Through trials and joys, in sunshine and rain ☔, 

Your love stands tall, breaking every chain. 🔗 

**3. Four Steps Of Adventure 🌍**

Four years, four steps, in love’s grand parade, 👣 

With memories crafted, and promises made. 

From mountain’s peak 🏔️ to ocean’s deep 🌊, 

For my friend, may love’s rewards you reap.  

With each anniversary, like a beacon’s gleam, 💡 

Guiding you forward, like a dreamer’s dream. 🌙 

Face new horizons, with passion in your eyes, 👀 

For love is the journey, and the prize. 🎁 

**4. The Heart’s Emoji Diary 💖**

From the first ‘Hello’ to the ‘I do’ 🎩👰, 

Your love story’s been a magnificent show. 🎭 

For four years, my friend, with love’s emoji spree, 😊❤️🌹, 

You’ve crafted tales of joy and glee. 🥂

Heartbeats in sync, like a rhythmic song 🎵, 

With every beat saying, ‘to you, I belong’. 💌 

May year five bring more moments to cherish 🍀, 

And may your love forever flourish. 🌸 

**5. The Canvas Of Dreams 🌌**

Four years painted on life’s vast canvas, 🎨 

With hues of joy, and moments so grand. 🌟 

To my friend, who’s journeyed this path so sweet, 🛤️ 

Your love story, truly can’t be beat. 🏆 

With every brushstroke, of laughter and tears, 😂😢, 

You’ve created memories, that’ll last for years. 

May the future hold, more dreams than before, 💭 

With love and happiness, forevermore. 🍀💕

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