Ho Ho Ho-larious: 55 Best Funny Christmas Wishes for Your Friends

Christmas time is here! It’s a season filled with joy, love, and lots of laughter. Today, I want to share something really fun with you: funny Christmas wishes for friends.

 Imagine how great it would be to make your friends laugh with a special Christmas message.

After all, Christmas isn’t just about gifts, it’s also about making happy memories with our friends.

You might ask, “Why should I send funny Christmas wishes to my friends?” It’s simple! A good laugh can make a good memory even better.

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These witty wishes for friends are more than just words. They’re like little jokes that make Christmas greetings extra special.

They show your friends that you care about making them smile.

Are you looking for hilarious Christmas messages for friends? You’re in the right place! These messages are perfect for a fun text, a Christmas card, or a funny note.

And if you have a best friend who loves jokes, funny Christmas wishes for best friends are just what you need. They’re a great way to show you know what makes them happy.

In this post, you’ll find lots of Christmas wishes that are not only funny but also sweet. They’re perfect for all kinds of friends.

So, get ready to make this Christmas extra merry with these fun and cheerful messages. Let’s make this holiday season a time to laugh and enjoy with our friends!

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List of funny Christmas wishes for friends

List of funny Christmas wishes for friends

1. “Hey friend! This Christmas, I asked Santa for the funniest, most awesome friend ever. Then I realized, having you, I already won the friend lottery! Merry Christmas to someone who makes every day feel like a goofy holiday special!”

2. “Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday is as bright as your questionable fashion choices. Just kidding! May your ugly Christmas sweater be the only ugly thing this festive season. Cheers to more laughter and less fashion disasters!”

3. “To my dear friend, this Christmas, I wish you love, peace, and a Wi-Fi strong enough to stream all your favorite holiday movies without buffering. May your days be merry, bright, and free of tech troubles!”

4. “Season’s greetings! Here’s to hoping your Christmas is filled with as much joy as you bring when you walk into a room… and maybe a little less chaos. Remember, not every Christmas light needs to be as bright as your personality!”

5. “Merry Christmas! If you feel cold, I hope it’s from the snow and not from people’s ‘chilly’ Christmas carols. May your holidays be warmer than that one time we tried (and failed) to go caroling. Here’s to more laughs and less frostbite!”

These wishes are not just about saying ‘Merry Christmas’ but about sharing a smile and a chuckle, making the holiday spirit a bit more fun and light-hearted.

Funny Christmas wishes for best friends

1. “Merry Christmas to my best friend! I hope Santa brings you everything you want this year, except for that karaoke machine. Trust me, the neighborhood has voted.”

2. “Happy Holidays! I got you the perfect Christmas gift – an invisible snowman! It’s low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and best of all, it won’t melt in your living room.”

3. “To my dearest friend, may your Christmas be filled with as much joy as you feel when you cancel plans at the last minute. Here’s to staying in our pajamas all day!”

4. “Merry Christmas! I was going to get you a reindeer for Christmas, but then I remembered how much you struggle to keep even a houseplant alive. So, I got you a chocolate reindeer instead. Enjoy!”

5. “Season’s Greetings! This Christmas, I wish you love, joy, and peace. And maybe a little bit of sanity for dealing with your in-laws. Good luck, you’ll need it!”

Remember, the best gift we can share with our friends is laughter and love. These wishes are sure to bring a smile to your best friend’s face! 🎄🎁

Funny Christmas messages new friends

1. “Just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my Christmas wish, so laugh maybe? 🎄😂 Hope your holidays are as awesome as our new friendship!”

2. “New friend alert! 🚨 This Christmas, I promise not to buy you a sweater that’s three sizes too big. 🎅🏻🎁 Let’s make some new memories, starting with not returning terrible gifts!”

3. “Hey new buddy, I’m pretty sure Santa’s giving us the ‘Best New Friends’ award this year! 🏆🎄 May your Christmas be as bright and fun as our recent chats over coffee!”

4. “Our friendship is the newest thing since sliced bread, and that’s pretty cool! 🍞🎅🏻 Here’s to a Christmas filled with more laughs and less fruitcake!”

5. “Christmas tip from your newest friend: Always shake your presents, but don’t break them! 🎁😉 Wishing you a holiday season as cheerful and surprising as our new friendship!”

Funny Christmas wishes old friends

1. “Remember when we were kids and thought Santa was stuck in the chimney? 😂 Well, Merry Christmas, old friend! Let’s hope this year Santa makes it down without our help! 🎅🎄”

2. “To my dear old friend, may your Christmas be filled with as much joy as when we used to snoop for presents. Spoiler alert: They’re not under your bed this time! 😜🎁”

3. “Merry Christmas! Remember, calories don’t count during the holidays. So, let’s celebrate like the old days – with lots of cookies and no regrets! 🍪🎉”

4. “Hey there, old pal! Wishing you a Christmas that’s as fun and amazing as our childhood adventures. Just a heads-up: I’ve replaced your stocking with a giant sock. It’s time for bigger presents! 😉🧦”

5. “To my longtime friend, may your Christmas be merry and your sweater be ugly! Let’s bring back those fantastic festive fashion disasters. 🎄👕😆”

Funny Christmas messages Log distance friends

Christmas is the time to spread joy and laughter, even if your friends are miles away. Here are five funny Christmas messages for your long-distance friends, complete with emojis to add that extra sparkle:

1. 🎄📱 “Hey there! I’m pretty sure my Christmas gift to you got lost in the mail… along with Santa’s GPS! Merry Christmas from far away! 🌟🎁”

2. 🌨️❄️ “Is it just me, or is the distance between us getting snowed under? Sending you ‘warmer’ wishes this Christmas! Stay cool, my far-off friend! 😂🎅”

3. 🌍🎉 “Even though we’re continents apart, I’m pretty sure our laughter can be heard echoing around the world. Here’s to a Christmas filled with joy and a few time zone confusions! 🕒🎄”

4. 💌🌟 “Sending you a virtual hug this Christmas. It’s not as cozy as the real thing, but hey, at least it doesn’t get held up at customs! Merry Christmas! 🤗🎅”

5. 🎅🚀 “I asked Santa for a teleporter this year, so I could pop over and wish you Merry Christmas in person. Spoiler alert: I’m still waiting! Have a blast till then! 🤣✨”

These messages are a fun way to keep the Christmas spirit alive and kicking, even when your friends are just a little too far for a snowball fight! 🎄🎁😊

funny Merry Christmas wishes for friends

1. 🎄🎁 “Merry Christmas! May your holidays be as fun as our adventures and less embarrassing than our most awkward moments! Here’s to a season filled with laughter and maybe a few less fruitcakes.” 😂

2. 🌟📜 “Sending you a Christmas wish wrapped in laughter and joy. May Santa get you a dictionary this year, so you finally understand the meaning of ‘budget’ during the holidays!” 🤣💸

3. 🎅🏻🍪 “Merry Christmas! I told Santa you’ve been good all year. I hope he didn’t check Instagram. Let’s hope your Christmas is as bright as your social media filters!” 📸✨

4. ❄️⛄ “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May your sweater be ugly, your socks mismatched, and your holidays as cheerful as our childhood memories!” 😆🧦

5. 🤶🏼🎉 “This Christmas, may your family be functional and all your batteries be included. Remember, the best Christmas gift is our friendship… which means you owe me big time!” 😉🎁

Short funny Christmas wishes for friends

1. 🎄🎁 “Dear friend, may your Christmas be filled with more presents than your tree can hold, and less awkward than your office holiday party!” 🥳

2. 🌟💌 “This Christmas, I hope Santa forgets about the naughty list and brings you everything… even that weird thing you told me about last week!” 😂

3. 🎅🤣 “May your Christmas be as sweet as the cookies we shouldn’t have eaten and as bright as our failed attempt at Christmas lights!” 💡🍪

4. 🌨️❄️ “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year where your biggest problem is finding space for all your new gifts!” 🎉🎁

5. 🎶🎄 “Here’s to a holiday season filled with so much joy and cheer that it makes the Christmas carolers sound slightly less off-key!” 🤪🎤

Witty Wishes for Friends

1. “To my friend who loves Christmas more than Santa’s cookies 🍪: May your holidays be as bright as your ugly Christmas sweater! 🌟 Stay merry, my friend!”

2. “Hey bestie! 🎄 This Christmas, I hope you get everything you want… and let’s hope Santa didn’t hear all our conversations! 🎅🤫 Cheers to more laughter and joy!”

3. “Remember, Christmas calories don’t count! 🍰 So, here’s to eating, drinking, and being merry. Sending you lots of love and maybe a few extra pounds. 🎁🤣”

4. “To the friend who has everything: This Christmas, I’m giving you my amazing presence. No, not presents… presence! 😜 Enjoy my fabulous company!”

5. “As the holiday season rolls in, let’s get ‘elfed’ up! 🎉🧝‍♂️ May your Christmas be filled with fun, laughter, and maybe a little bit of holiday magic (or just more eggnog). 🍹 Cheers!”

funny Christmas messages for friends

1. 🎄 “Santa told me you’ve been extra good this year… Just kidding, we both know better! 😂 Merry Christmas to my partner in crime!”

2. “Heard you asked Santa for a brain this Christmas. Just checking, did he cancel your order yet? 🧠🎅 Merry Christmas, my brilliantly funny friend!”

3. “Merry Christmas! 🌟 May your holidays be as long as your New Year’s resolutions list… which, let’s be honest, isn’t very long. 😜”

4. “This Christmas, I wish you love, joy, and peace… and maybe a bit more fashion sense? 😅👗🎄 Love you just the way you are, though!”

5. “If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don’t worry, I asked Santa for a special friend this Christmas! 😂🎅 Enjoy your holiday season!”

funny Xmas wishes for friends

1. 🎄 “Hey friend, have you heard? Santa checked his list twice and guess what… you made the ‘naughty’ side look cool! Merry Christmas to the coolest rebel I know! 🕶️”

2. 🎅 “Merry Christmas! May your holidays be filled with as much fun as a snowball fight – but warmer, and with less chance of getting snow in your boots! ❄️🥾”

3. 🌟 “This Christmas, I hope you get everything you want… and if you don’t, just remember, I’m still your gift. You’re welcome! 🎁😉”

4. 🍪 “To my dearest friend, I hope Santa brings you all the joy – and all the cookies – you deserve. But let’s be honest, I might have eaten a few… Merry Christmas! 🍪🎉”

5. ❄️ “Wishing you a Christmas that’s merry and bright – and may it have more sparkle than my attempt at Christmas lights. Here’s to a holiday that’s light on stress and heavy on laughs! ✨🤣”

Merry Christmas, my friend! Let’s make this holiday season one to remember with lots of laughter and joy. 🎅🎄🌟

funny Christmas quotes for friends

1. “Santa told me you’ve been good this year… I knew he was getting old, but now I think he needs glasses too! 🎅😂 #BestFriends”

2. “This Christmas, let’s eat, drink, and be merry – or in our case, eat too much, complain, and nap! 🍪🥂😴 #HolidayMode”

3. “Remember, the best Christmas gift is our friendship… which means you owe me big time! 🎁😉 #FriendsForever”

4. “If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don’t worry. I told Santa all I want for Christmas is my awesome friend back! 🎅🛍️😄 #KidnappedBySanta”

5. “Christmas tip: Buy your friend a fridge for Christmas and watch their face light up when they open it! 🎄🤣 #BestGiftEver”

Hilarious Christmas messages for friends

1. 🎄🎅 “Dear friend, have you been naughty or nice? Because Santa’s making his list, and I’ve seen your text history! Merry Christmas! 🤣📱”

2. “This Christmas, I hope you get all the presents you want. And by presents, I mean those socks you’ve been eyeing all year! 🧦😂 Happy Holidays!”

3. “Remember, calories don’t count at Christmas! So, feel free to join me in eating our weight in cookies! 🍪😋 Merry Christmas!”

4. “If you hear a ‘ho ho ho’ and it’s not Santa, it’s probably just me laughing at my own jokes. Merry Christmas, my hilarious friend! 🤶😆”

5. “This Christmas, let’s be more like Santa – jolly, generous, and, most importantly, able to eat a ton of cookies in one night! 🎅🍪😂 Happy Holidays!”

Why I like these funny Xmas wishes for friends

I chose these wishes because they’re perfect for all kinds of friends. For long-distance pals, a funny message makes the miles seem shorter.

It’s like sending a merry laugh across the distance. And for new friends, these wishes are a great way to strengthen your bond.

They show that you’re fun and friendly. For your old friends, they bring back happy memories and add to your shared jokes.

Each wish is like a funny Merry Christmas hug, whether it’s for a friend you’ve known forever or someone you just met.

 That’s why these funny Christmas messages are so special. They make everyone’s holiday season brighter and more fun! 🎄😄👫

Conclusion: Hilarious Christmas messages for friends

As we wrap up, I hope you found the perfect funny Christmas messages for your friends here. Whether it was a witty quote or a short, funny wish, these messages are sure to bring a smile to your friends’ faces.

Christmas is all about spreading joy and love, and what better way to do that than with a laugh?

Don’t forget to share these funny Xmas wishes with your friends on social media. It’s a fun way to spread the holiday spirit.

You never know, your funny Christmas quote might be the highlight of someone’s day! These short funny Christmas wishes are like little gifts of happiness that you can send to all your friends.

So, as you celebrate this festive season, remember to sprinkle a little humor in your greetings. After all, laughter is the best Christmas present you can give.

Wishing you a holiday filled with joy, laughter, and lots of funny moments with your friends. Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄😂💌


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