15 Good Fathers Day Movies to Watch With Everyone

If you are wondering “What should I watch for Father’s Day?”, Is there a Father’s Day movie? And What should I watch for Father’s Day on Netflix?

I have collected father’s day movies to watch with everyone, family, and father daughter movies.

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This Father’s Day, watch some of these Best Fathers Day Movies With Family to honor the fathers in your life.

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Not that you need an excuse to spend time with your father, but with Father’s Day approaching, 

we’ve compiled a list of Good Fathers Day Movies to Watch With Everyone , giving you even more reason to pop some popcorn and kick up your feet while laughing (or crying) with the most important man in your life.

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List Of Good Fathers Day Movies

List Of Good Fathers Day Movies kaveesh mommy

1. Parenthood

Is there anyone who can portray the role of a father better than Steve Martin? This comedy captures the tension of parenting in front of your family, 

as well as how we must accept our own parents’ shortcomings if we are to confront our own. Watch it with your father, then tell him you accept his apology for everything.

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2. He Got Game

This is an excellent choice for any sports-obsessed father. Denzel Washington plays a father who returns to his son, a top-ranked basketball star, after serving six years in jail. 

The state governor pardons him for a week so that he may persuade his kid to play for the governor’s alma mater. If he succeeds, he will receive a significantly reduced jail sentence.

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15 Best Fathers Day Movies With Family

3. Minari

Lee Isaac Chung’s highly praised semi-autobiographical film follows a South Korean immigrant family as they relocate to an Arkansas farm.

In a broader sense, the film is about the American Dream, the immigrant experience, and what makes a place feel like home.

It’s the perfect Father’s Day movie because of the bond between Jacob Yi (played by Steven Yeun) and David Yi (played by the charming Alan Kim).

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15 Good Fathers Day Movies to Watch With Everyone

4. Boyhood

When you see this coming-of-age drama, be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions, since it was shot over the period of 12 years with the same cast. 

As a kid and his parents encounter significant milestones, the highs and lows of growing up are documented. 

This film will make you want to talk to the person who helped you grow up about your youth.

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5. Coco

With its original idea and lovely soundtrack, Coco became an immediate Disney classic when it released in 2017. 

In the Land of the Dead, Miguel, a 12-year-old budding musician, reunites with his deceased great-great-grandfather. 

Miguel enlists the assistance of a relative to both return to the living and persuade his family to lift their prohibition on music.

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Three Men and a Baby

As if the title wasn’t clear enough, seeing three guys care for a baby is ideal material for a comedy.

When a group of unmarried men return home to their New York City loft and discover an abandoned infant, they are compelled to act as babysitters.

The first stress and terror of parenting a child gradually transforms into a love unlike any other.

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10 Best Fathers Day Movies On Amazon Prime

6. Daddy Day Care

It’s difficult to go wrong when it comes to Eddie Murphy. While their wives are at work, two stay-at-home dads, portrayed by Murphy and Jeff Garlin, start a day care business. 

As enrollment grows, pandemonium follows as the fathers struggle to control the children while competing with a rival day care business.

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7. The Game Plan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays football player Joe Kingman, whose life is turned upside down when his eight-year-old daughter (played by Madison Pettis) shows up on his doorstep. 

Though he is first hesitant, Kingman’s developing bond with his daughter is touching and, of course, funny.

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8. Field of Dreams

Do you remember all of those catch games you used to play with your father? 

You’ll be following this uplifting stories about an Iowa farmer whose idea of building a baseball diamond in his cornfield helps him reconcile with his estranged, late father.

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9. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) may not win any prizes for his vacation planning abilities, but there’s a reason why this well-meaning father has earned a place in the modern comic pantheon. 

The Griswold family road trip’s hardships and tribulations are guaranteed to make dad laugh just as much this year as they did in 1983.

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10. Beginners

This sad, wonderful film explores the facts we learn about our parents later in life—and how the caregiving role might be reversed. Following the death of his mother, 

a young man discovers two terrible facts about his father: he is gay and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The father-son combo adjusts to their new lives together and grows closer as a result.

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11. Father of the Bride

For this overprotective father, coming to grips with sending his daughter away on her wedding day proves to be exceptionally difficult. 

When the bride-to-be begins to spend more time with her fiancé than with her father, he experiences envy as he battles to understand that it’s time to let his little girl go. Any father-daughter pair should see this comedy.

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12. Mr. Mom

While the concept of a stay-at-home dad may not seem novel now, it was when this 1983 comedy (written by John Hughes) was released.

After losing his engineering job, Jack (Michael Keaton) takes on the responsibility of caring for his three children and maintaining their home life while his wife Caroline (Teri Garr) returns to work, 

forcing him to realise what a difficult job full-time parenting can be and learning to appreciate his family in entirely new ways.

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13. The Royal Tenenbaums

In this Wes Anderson classic, Gene Hackman’s Royal Tenenbaum is far from a model father, 

but his haphazard and often unintentional attempts to reunite his estranged family serve as a reminder of the messy, difficult, and wonderful ways that families show their love.

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14. The Birdcage

In this 1996 comedy, only few parents can overlook Robin Williams and Nathan Lane when it comes to going up and down for your child.

When the son they brought up together returns to their drag-club in Miami, of which Lane’s Albert is the star, 

to say that he plans to marry a Conservative politician’s daughter and to ask his fathers to hide their lives to impress their parents’ mom and dad, 

they try and give their son a fairytale end that he imagines.

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15. Sleepless in Seattle

It could be a romantic comedy, but the link between widower Sama and his son Jonah are just as vital for the movie,

as the romance grows when Jonah phones for an audio chat program to locate another wife to his dad.

This classical Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan might be a romantic comedy approach.

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