What is the Mother in Proverbs 31?

The Characteristics of the Mother in Proverbs 31

Proverbs 31 is a truly beautiful passage that highlights the importance of a virtuous wife.

This woman is described as being worth far more than rubies, and I believe that this is the kind of woman that every godly man desires as a wife.

But what many people overlook is the fact that this chapter also speaks to the qualities of a blessed mother.

Verse 28 tells us that not only does the husband of the virtuous wife praise her, but her children rise up and call her blessed. This shows us that being a virtuous wife and mother is intertwined and equally important.

As mothers, we have the opportunity to model faith and character to our children, to train them in wisdom, and to point them towards Christ.

We can do this by making prayer a daily habit, by investing in our own growth and development, and by intentionally building strong relationships with our children.

Let us strive to be like the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31, not only in our role as wives, but also as mothers who are called blessed by our children.

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She embodies righteousness and honor as a virtuous woman

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:10a 🌟💁‍♀️ A wife of noble character who can find? 💍🏆

The Bible’s Proverbs 31:10a speaks of the virtuous woman who possesses strong moral principles and actively upholds them. She instills these values in her children and serves as an example of righteousness to others.

Recognizing Your Inherent Worth: The Value of Self-Love in Nurturing Your Family.

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:10b 🌟💎 She is worth far more than rubies. 💍💰

A woman who knows her worth in God’s eyes will be able to recognize the value of her family. She treasures herself as God’s creation, and this awareness allows her to be an excellent mother who takes care of her family with love and devotion. As such, her price is far above material possessions because she recognizes the priceless value of her family.

“The Unwavering Devotion of a Wife: Safeguarding Her Husband’s Heart”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:11 🤝❤️ Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. 💍💰

She is devoted to her marriage and works hard to ensure her husband’s trust in her. She does not seek to gain material possessions or wealth through her relationship with her husband. Instead, she is committed to building a strong and lasting bond with him.

“Building Trust: The Importance of Honesty and Openness in a Marriage”

Proverbs 31:11a

She is trustworthy and her husband can confide in her with full confidence. She keeps her promises and is true to her word.

“The Safety Net: How a Woman’s Devotion and Love Create a Secure Environment for Her Family”

Proverbs 31:11b

The virtuous woman’s family feels secure and at ease because of her unwavering devotion and trustworthiness. She is a source of comfort and safety to those around her.

“A Life of Goodness: The Unrelenting Compassion of a Woman Who Makes a Difference by Choosing to Do Good”

Proverbs 31:12a

The virtuous woman consistently chooses to do good for her family, even when she is tired or her emotions are telling her otherwise.

“The Power of Goodness: The Unwavering Commitment of a Woman Who Chooses to Do Good, Even in the Face of Adversity”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:12b 🌟❤️ She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. 💕🏡

She consistently chooses to do what is right and refrains from any harmful or immoral behavior throughout her life.

“The Art of Resourcefulness: How a Woman Finds Creative Solutions to Meet Her Needs and the Needs of Others”

Proverbs 31:13a

She is resourceful and proactive, seeking out the necessary materials to fulfill her tasks. She doesn’t wait for others to provide for her needs but relies on God to supply her needs as she works to meet the needs of her family and others.

“Joyful Labor: The Inspiring Attitude of a Woman Who Works Diligently and Willingly for Her Family”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:13b 🧺👗 She works with eager hands. 👐💼

She approaches her work with a positive attitude and willingly uses her hands to complete her tasks. She doesn’t grumble or complain about her responsibilities, but rather sees them as an opportunity to serve God and her family.

“The Provider: A Tribute to the Endless Efforts of a Woman Who Brings Nourishment to Her Home”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:14 🧵💍 She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. 🚢🍇

She provides for her family and goes to great lengths to ensure that they have what they need, even if it means going out of her way to obtain it.

“A Heart of Giving: The Selfless Nature of a Woman Who Finds Joy in Providing for Others”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:15 🐓🥚 She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants. 🌄🍳

She is a giver, waking up early to provide food for her household and even for her maidens. Her satisfaction comes not from what she receives but from what she can give to others.

“From Vision to Victory: The Inspiring Journey of a Woman Who Sets Goals and Achieves Them”

Proverbs 31:16

She sets her goals and takes the necessary steps to achieve them, without relying on anyone else to do it for her.

“Thoughtful Decision-Making: The Discerning Mind of a Woman Who Considers Before She Acts”

Proverbs 31:16a

Yes, that’s right! She carefully considers her options and thinks things through before making a decision.

“Seeds of Love: The Nurturing Nature of a Woman Who Plants and Cultivates a Life of Abundance”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:16b 🌾🌱 She plants a vineyard. 🍇🍷

She puts in the effort to cultivate and grow something, whether it be a garden, a business, or a relationship. She understands that growth takes time, patience, and hard work, and she is willing to put in the necessary effort to see it through.

“The Power of Perseverance: A Portrait of a Hardworking Woman Who Never Gives Up”

Proverbs 31:17a

She prepares herself for hard work and challenges by strengthening herself both physically and mentally. She doesn’t shy away from difficult tasks, but instead, faces them head-on.

“Unbreakable: The Inner and Outer Strength of a Woman Fueled by Her Faith”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:17b 🌟💪 She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. 💪👩‍🍳

Her strength is not just physical, but also mental and emotional. She has the ability to persevere through difficult situations and maintain a positive attitude.

“The Power of Perception: The Ability of a Woman to Notice and Meet the Needs of Those Around Her”

Proverbs 31:18a

She has a keen insight and understanding of the people around her, and she is able to anticipate their needs and respond in a way that benefits them. She is attentive, observant, and empathetic.

“Radiant Resilience: The Unwavering Light of a Woman Who Keeps Shining Through All Challenges”

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:18b 🍽️👑 Her lamp does not go out at night. 🌟💡

She continues to shine and be a positive influence, even during difficult times or when others may be negative or critical. She remains steadfast and unwavering in her commitment to doing what is right.

“An Angel Among Us: The Selfless Acts of a Woman Always Ready to Help Those in Need”

Proverbs 31:20a

She is not only concerned about her own family but also extends her care and compassion to those in need. She actively seeks out opportunities to help the poor and disadvantaged and is not hesitant to lend a helping hand whenever she can.

“Her Heart of Compassion:

📖👩‍🍳 Proverbs 31:20b 🍲🥣 She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. 🤲❤️

She is compassionate and empathetic towards those in need, reaching out to them with a helping hand. She is not afraid to extend herself beyond her comfort zone to bring comfort and support to those who need it.

In conclusion,

  • Proverbs 31 describes a virtuous woman who embodies righteousness, honour, self-love, devotion, trustworthiness, resourcefulness, positivity, diligence, perseverance, discernment, empathy, and resilience.
  • She sets a high standard for women and serves as an example of what it means to live a life of goodness, compassion, and purpose.
  • The virtuous woman is not just a role model for women but for all people who seek to live a life of value and significance.


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