10 Best Fathers Day Movies On Netflix

If you are wondering “What should I watch for Father’s Day?”, Is there a Father’s Day movie? And What should I watch for Father’s Day on Netflix?

I have collected father’s day movies to watch with everyone, family, and father daughter movies.

You will also fine Black Fathers Day Movies list, Action Movies, Horror Movies and Fathers Day Movies On Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+.

This Father’s Day, watch some of these Best Fathers Day Movies With Family to honor the fathers in your life.

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Happy fathers day to all daddy out! Go out and enjoy the sun and then here’s 10 Best Fathers Day Movies On Netflix:

A “Father’s Day” movie might make up a variety of things – it might be a film with dads or just like a film dad. 

The Godfather is a great daddy film, in two directions: because it’s a fatherhood film, but a one that fathers love.

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(Oh, the Godfather’s not on Netflix, unfortunately. If you want to see it, you have to find your father’s VHS tape). 

Films that fathers enjoy, like war movies, late-night comedy, sci-fi flicks and documentary films – all of them having a major fatherhood theme.

List Of Best Fathers Day Movies On Netflix

List Of Best Fathers Day Movies On Netflix kaveesh mommy

1. ‘Fatherhood’

Do you think you saw all of Netflix’s Father’s Day movies? Perhaps not this one – Netflix’s newest original film is Fatherhood, which features the comic star Kevin Hart (one dad) as a single parent following his wife’s death. 

Only a day after the birth of her daughter, his wife left Matthew Logelin, Kevin, with all the hard duties like tea parties and dress-up. This is a comedy, a drama, exactly like fatherhood. And Hart is packed!

10 Best Fathers Day Movies To Watch With Dad

2. ‘Back to the Future’

Take Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), 88 miles an hour with Back to the Future this weekend. He travels back in time to hang around in secondary school with his dad.

By travelling back in time to meet younger versions, Marty almost shakes his parents’ relationships — and his own life inherently. Fortunately, 

he understands his parents well enough to push them together and make them more happy while he is there. What a wonderful present for Dad’s Day!

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3. ‘Chef’

This is for all the foodie fathers out there. Chef is a sizzling, crunchy, greasy feast of a movie that follows chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) on a food truck adventure. 

You might want to stock up on ham and pickles ahead of time, because Carl and his son create delectable Cubanos that will leave you craving a taste. 

In addition, if your father likes Iron Man, he’ll enjoy this film since Favreau, who directed the previous two films and played Happy, also directed and acted in Chef.

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4. ‘I Am Sam’

This Father’s Day, how about a tearjerker? One that comes to mind is I Am Sam, a film about a father’s painful battle for custody of his daughter. 

Sam Dawson (Sean Penn) is the mentally challenged father of Lucy (Dakota Fanning), a seven-year-old who is starting to outsmart her father in terms of intelligence. 

When a social worker notices their living arrangement and wants to adopt Lucy, Sam must fight alongside his pals to rescue his little daughter.

10 Best Fathers Day Movies On Netflix

5. ‘Da 5 Bloods’

Da 5 Bloods may be the ideal film for Pop if he likes war movies. The Spike Lee film, which was released just before Father’s Day last summer, 

follows four Vietnam veterans as they return to their old haunts in search of buried riches. 

But when Paul’s (Delroy Lindo) son, David (Jonathan Majors), unintentionally comes along, the two must confront some of their prior difficulties as father and son. 

Come for the epic adventure movie, but stay for the in-depth discussions about fatherhood and legacy.

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6. ‘2012’

Another action movie to see with your father is 2012. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the “apocalyptic event,” it’s apparent that we were spared the threat of nuclear war.

Isn’t it true that Dad would have protected us anyway? In a fictitious version of 2012, one father, Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), does just that, protecting his little daughter from the chaos.

As the disaster engulfs him and his family, he does everything he can to save them. 2012 is chock-full of thrilling action moments that Dad will adore, in addition to being a narrative about parenthood.

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7. ‘Nacho Libre’

Nacho Libre is one of the films that falls into the “Jack Black as a father figure” genre (see also: School of Rock). This isn’t your typical Father’s Day movie.

But it’s entertaining, and Black’s character acts as a father figure to a group of orphans, so it counts. He portrays Ignacio, 

better known as Nacho, a cook who feeds orphans in a small Mexican convent. Because there is a food crisis, he takes it upon himself to feed the orphans by starting a career as an underground Lucha wrestler.

Will he be able to save them? Maybe. Will there be hilarity? Definitely. I’m not sure what that is if it isn’t dad energy.

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8. ‘Dick Johnson is Dead’

All documentary-loving fathers, unite! Dick Johnson is Dead was created by Dick and Kirsten Johnson, a father-daughter team.

The film chronicles Dick Johnson’s last days, with his daughter Kirsten simulating his death in bizarre ways.

Since Dick was diagnosed with dementia, Kirsten chose to make this ode to his life and their relationship to brighten her dying memories with him.

He participates in her morbid comedy, even faking his own funeral (in which he watches overhead, critiques at-the-ready).

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9. ‘Father of the Year’

A word of advice: don’t challenge Dad to a fight. That’s the premise of Netflix’s comedy Father of the Year, about two warring fathers who take one joke much too literally.

Two sons dispute over which of their dads would win in a fight as a drunken discussion between two college students turns into a battle of the ages. As a result, they devise a strategy to battle in order to end the debate.

That seems like a fantastic strategy! Jobs are lost, relationships are shattered, yet two pairs of friends emerge in the end.

In this late-night comedy, David Spade and Nat Faxon play epic fathers.

10. ‘Hot Rod’

Hot Rod, another pseudo-dad film that is funny enough to make the list, rounds out the list.

Rod, a washed-up man who only cares about one thing: bike stunts, is the focus of Andy Samberg’s entertaining short.

And, despite his pretence that he doesn’t care for his stepfather Frank (Ian McShane), he does.

When Frank is diagnosed with a deadly heart condition, Rod sets out to cure him, only to beat Frank to pulp in a fight — like any son would.


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