15 Best family-friendly job for Working Moms

A job with flexibility is important for people with families. More jobs than ever before can be done at home or in other remote locations because to the rise in remote work prospects brought on by more advanced computer systems. In this post, we discuss family-friendly jobs and provide a list of 15 occupations that are ideal for parents who are also working.

What is a family-friendly job?

A family-friendly job is one that attracts working parents by providing flexible scheduling, parental assistance, and benefits like daycare. Many job categories allow employees to execute job-related tasks remotely on computers, however some businesses rely on in-person labour to fulfil projects.

Other family-friendly occupations are those that allow you to establish your own hours or have flexible scheduling. In this manner, you may look after your children or elderly relatives and continue working outside the home. Even better, some employers include benefits like on-site childcare, credits for child care, and paid time off for other family obligations.

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15 family-friendly jobs for new mom

In most disciplines and businesses, there are occupations that are family-friendly. Consider one of these 29 family-friendly jobs if you’re searching for a more flexible job:

1. Teacher’s aide

National average salary: $24,648 per year

Primary responsibilities: The main responsibilities of teaching assistants, commonly known as teacher assistants. involve supervising pupils, developing lesson plans, and interacting with parents.


National average salary: $45,011 per year

Primary duties: Teachers are responsible for supervising the classroom, organising lessons, talking to parents, and instructing pupils.

3. Customer service representative

National average salary: $28,267 per year

Primary responsibilities: Client service personnel share information with customers, respond to inquiries from customers, help customers with issues, handle transactions and product returns, and keep track of customer communications.

4. Medical assistant

National average salary: $32,282 per year

Medical assistants’ main responsibilities include data entry, handling patient information and medication refills, as well as doing simple physical examinations.

5. Support specialist

National average salary: $32,386 per year

The main responsibilities: Support experts can work in a range of industries, such as IT and sales. Helping clients with difficulties, debugging problems, offering information or resources to help consumers, and locating advanced support for complex problems are among the main job tasks.

6. Health coach

National average salary: $32,614 per year

The main responsibilities of the position include determining a client’s health and wellness, assisting the client in setting objectives, developing a health and wellness plan for the client, and tracking progress.

7. Graphic designer

National average salary: $42,096 per year

Creating pictures, developing logos, utilising software to update designs, coming up with creative ideas, and corresponding with clients are some of the graphic designers’ main responsibilities.

8. Human resources representative

National average salary: $43,206 per year

The main responsibilities of the position include hiring and screening new hires, conducting background checks, providing new hire orientation, and aiding staff with personnel-related issues.

9. Web writer

National average salary: $59,415 per year

Web writers’ primary responsibilities include composing reports and articles, editing material for publication, developing social media content, and collaborating with public relations professionals to come up with content ideas. Web writers are also known as “web content writers” or “copywriters.”

10. Public relations manager

National average salary: $61,923 per year

Public relations managers’ key responsibilities include cultivating and maintaining connections with media representatives, producing content, managing public information, managing a media team, and keeping track of statistics.

11. Account manager

National average salary: $64,039 per year

Account managers’ key responsibilities include developing and maintaining client relationships, handling negotiations, coordinating with top management, and attending client-related meetings.

12. Tax accountant

National average salary: $68,743 per year

Their primary tasks include aiding customers with tax forms, disseminating tax knowledge, deciphering tax regulations, and supporting clients in filing taxes.

13. Financial advisor

National average salary: $68,978 per year

Their main responsibilities include doing research on investment opportunities, making investment plans, corresponding with clients, keeping track of accounts and investments, and enlightening clients about investment possibilities.

14. Dietitian

National average salary: $70,533 per year

Their main responsibilities include evaluating the health and wellness of customers, developing diet programmes for them, monitoring their progress, studying nutrition, and writing on nutrition and wellness.

15. Project manager

National average salary: $86,308 per year

Project managers’ main responsibilities include developing and monitoring project plans, liaising with clients, and making necessary project modifications.

16. Adjunct professor

National average salary: $101,917 per year

Writing lesson plans, educating students, interacting with students, grading homework, and mentoring students are the primary activities of adjunct instructors.

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