20 Best Breastfeeding Tips For Twins: Makes Mom Life Easier

How To Breastfeed Twins?

Do you want to know how to breastfeed twins? What are good positions for breastfeeding twins or multiples?.  And having Doubt about, Will I have enough breastmilk for twins or multiple. I will answer all your questions in this post. 

I will also explain combine breast-feeding and formula-feeding for twins or multiples? That said let’s start.

Breastfeeding Tips For Twins

It is a difficult job to give birth to twins and carry two new lives to Earth at the same time. way to go, Mommy!

Breastfeeding twins or multiples is a challenge. And moms eventually get irritated. If you have been thinking about how you are going to breastfeed twins, read on, and you can get some really useful ideas. Let’s start with how to prepare for breastfeeding twins or multiples.

Follow these steps to make your breastfeeding successful with twins or multiples: 

Tips For Breastfeeding Twins

How can I prepare for breastfeeding twins?

  • Breastfeeding twins schedule

Your newborn twins need to breastfeed 8 to 12 times a day. That means you have to feed them every two or three hours, day and night. And each session lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Therefore I will suggest you must prepare a schedule for twins.

  • Learn to feed one baby at a time

I recommend that you feed them one at a time. learn to breastfeed your twin until they are both latching on correctly. It typically takes 4 to 5 days.

  • Master breastfeeding twins together

When you start feeling comfortable that you can feed each baby individually.it is time to learn how to breastfeed them at the same time.  In the beginning, it will be difficult, but this way you will save hours while your twins are eating every few hours.

  • Use these breastfeeding positions for twins

There are three breastfeeding positions for twins and multiples.

  1. Cradle hold
  2. Crossover hold
  3. Football hold

I have discussed these positions in detail with images later in this post. 

  • Make A Budget time

You will be the mother of twins so you should start making a solid budget for your family. You have to find out what you need vs want for your newborn twins. You will need a car seat (s), a stroller, crib(s), mattress, bouncy seats, a swing, bottles, a good pump, and many other things. 

  • Drink lots of water 

After the birth of twins babies, your body will lose a lot of blood. To maintain good health you have to drink lots of water. 

Your water consumption is one of the main factors impacting the milk supply in the early days. If you are seriously dehydrated in the early days. Your body will not produce the right amount of milk.

  • Increase Your Milk Supply with natural supplements.

If you do not produce enough milk for twins then you should try “NATURELO Post Natal Multivitamin – Vegan Postnatal Supplement for Breastfeeding Women with Organic Herbs”. This way you can fulfill baby milk needs. This is formulated to help the body naturally increase your milk supply.  

Their advanced formula contains super-effective herbs, such as fenugreek, alfalfa, fennel, nettle, milk thistle, and more. of all the natural supplements intended to increase milk supply, this has the most complete blend.

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There is one way to increase your breast milk supply. by drinking tea specially formulated to help your body make more milk.

“Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Women’s Tea, Promotes Healthy Lactation”  is a delicious choice that tastes great hot or cold.

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  • Breastfeeding twins books

It would be a good idea to read breastfeeding books. If you are a first-time mom. Read this book for What to Do When You’re Having Two: The Twins Survival Guide from Pregnancy Through the First Year” 

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  • Breastfeeding twins gear 

Breastfeeding gears will help you stay comfortable and save time while nursing and comfort is the name of the game.

  • Nursing Pillow 

get a twin nursing pillow: I will suggest this one. My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins 

Get this pillow on amazon 

  • Pumps

You will need this pump if you are breastfeeding newborns. Many a multiple mamas is an exclusive pumper

By the way, a great time to pump is in the morning when your milk supply is at its max. “Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bra”

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  • Breastfeeding Bottles 

Comotomo baby bottles are designed to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues. Dual anti-colic vents prevent unwanted air-intake and reduce colic.“Comotomo Baby Bottle

Get this breastfeeding bottle on amazon 

  • Nipple shield

If you have sore nipples or crack nipples. Or  Many new mothers face pain in their nipples during breastfeeding. They use nipple shields to prevent pain. “Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple”

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  • Call your insurance company

Mother always forgets about this. Reach out to the insurance company and ask them about twins or baby insurance benefits they will provide you. Many times, the costs of nutritionists, visiting nurses, lactation experts will be covered. Because you have twins. You have to ask. 

  • Lactation Consultants

You will be relocated into a postpartum room as soon as your twins are born. That’s when you should visit to see a Lactation Consultant.

The Lactation Specialist will help you learn how to keep each twin, open and shut the mouth properly.

You will save yourself from pain and anger if you obtain this lesson at your very first feeding.

We strongly recommend that you wait for the Lactation Nurse while you might be very excited to breastfeed your new babies.

By buying the above products and waiting to visit your doctor’s lactation specialist immediately, you will begin the journey of breastfeeding your twins with confidence.

What is the best position for Breastfeeding twins?

As I said, there are three best positions you can try to breastfeed twins. Let’s understand these positions in detail so you can try them at home. 

  • Double-clutch or double-football hold

Double football”. You can see in photo 1 that the baby’s head is supported by the mother’s hands or you can also use a pillow. And babies are lying under the mother’s arms. I will suggest using these positions before you move on to other breastfeeding positions. (see photo 1)

Double-clutch or double-football hold

  • Double-cradle hold

In double-cradle positions, you can hold the baby like a “v” shape. Your arms will support your babies head. And your hand is supporting babies back, just like in the photo. I will suggest you should use this position only when you are more experienced and babies have better head control.  (see photo 2)

Double-cradle hold

  • Combination of the cradle with football

This is a combination of two breastfeeding positions. Combination of the cradle with football. One baby is held in the cradle position and the second in the football position (see photo 3)

Combination of the cradle with football

Source : (2006). Breastfeeding twins and high multiples. Archives of Disease in Childhood – Fetal and Neonatal Edition, 91(5), F377–F380. 

How can I increase my milk supply for twins?

If you are worried that you have a low milk supply. Then there are many ways to increase breastmilk production. Read on to find out how to increase your milk supply fast!

Tips to Boost Your Milk Supply for twins:

  • It Depends on baby feeding: Your milk supply will increase depending on how much you nurse your babies. The more milk will produce the more you breastfeed your newborn twins. When your baby asks to breastmilk nurse them your body will respond by boosting milk production. 
  • Use pump: the best way to boost your milk supply is a breast pump. When you pump your milk it sends a single to your body for more milk production. After feeding babies you should use a pump to empty your breast to increase breast milk.
  • Cook nutritional food:  Here are some nutritious and delicious food choices to prioritize when breastfeeding multiples: (Fish and seafood: salmon, seaweed, shellfish, sardines)
  1. Meat and poultry: chicken, beef, lamb, pork, organ meats (such as liver)
  2. Fruits and vegetables: berries, tomatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, kale, garlic, broccoli
  3. Nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds
  4. Healthy fats: avocados, olive oil, coconut, eggs, full-fat yogurt
  5. Other foods: tofu, dark chocolate, kimchi, sauerkraut
  6. Good sleep: if you take a good night’s sleep or a greatest nap the will help you increase breastmilk for twins.
  7. Offer both sides: Even if your baby seems uninterested, try offering both breasts when nursing. More milk production will be stimulated by this. Try to take his/her clothes off and tickle her until she perks up if your baby is too sleepy. Another option is to pump on the side on which your baby does not breastfeed.

Breast milk is a great way to start your kid’s healthy life. Follow the instructions above to start producing more breast milk and, if necessary, seek expert advice. Good luck on your lactation trip!

How do you manage newborn twins?

Here are tips to manage twins follow these steps:

  • Ask for help: Twin babies nursing is a lot of effort. There are two mouths to feed, two diapers to change, and there are two separate streams. So ask for from friends, family, or a nanny and your husband.
  • Buy all-important baby products:  you will need many baby products, for example, diapers, baby bag, milk bottle, breast pump, and many more essentials so visit “Amazon family

“No panicking when the diaper supply got low, no carting giant boxes through the store, no unloading the car,” she says. “Everything was delivered in less than 48 hours!”

  • Make Schedules:  making schedules for twins babies will help you get rest when the baby is sleeping. Many moms suggest that you should wake up the other baby when the first one is sleeping. But I think you must not wake up the napping baby, this is the only rule of parenting. Instead, you can use a twin feeding pillow to feed babies together.

You can check “best feeding pillow for twins” on amazon 

  • Don’t Buy Two Of Everything:  many parents make mistakes when they buy two of everything. Your twins look the same but their tastes are different when they grow up. And buying two of everything will not save money either. Some babies do not like swings or other toys.
  • Different holding time:  Mother builds a bond with babies by holding and cuddling them. However, you will get tired of holding twin babies together. What you can do is let the first baby play in a crib or on the floor while you cuddle the other baby.

How to use breastfeeding and formula feeding for twins or multiples?

Studies have shown that breastfeeding is essential for newborns. Breastfeeding has many benefits (what are the benefits of breastfeeding? Must read). but you can also occasionally bottle feed babies. Once breastfeeding is established. If you have decided to bottle feed babies then I will suggest you should use hand express breastmilk (read more about how to hand express breastmilk?). Instead of formula feeding.

However, you can combine breastmilk and formula milk. Replacing one or more breastfeeding sessions. 

Remember: If you give your babies formula, keep in mind that your milk production might begin to decrease if you breast-feed or pump less than 9 to 12 times a day.

Is it OK to give my baby both breastmilk and formula?

Yes, it is ok and safe. you can combine breastmilk and formula milk for breastfeeding.  A combination of both is called supplementing feeding.

Many moms find a combination of breastfeeding and formula is a great way to feed babies. Let see what you must know if you decide to feed supplement.

How do you combine breast and formula feed for twins?

If you plan to give your baby formula and to keep breastfeeding, it is important to ensure that your baby is like both and the best way is to do that.

  •  introducing bottles

When your babies are about 2 or 6 weeks old it is time to introduce bottles. If you try to do it before then you and your babies “in a groove with breastfeeding,” newborn learn fast, it is possible babies will not like your breastmilk. “said Rosenfeld”

  • Start slowly

Give babies ‘ half an ounce” first either breastmilk or formula.

A baby older than 3 months, however, can be irritated with a slow flow bottle, particularly since mom’s breasts have a quick flow, Rosenfeld advised. In that scenario, she suggested that you try a faster flow nipple. 

To make sure your baby is satisfied, relaxed, and not too hungry, give a bottle one to two hours after your baby’s last feed. Crying is a late sign of hunger, and a hungry baby is quickly irritated.

  • Do not force 

Do not force your baby to drink bottle milk. Just try again after one or two hours later. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics. “This is called feeding on demand, or responsive feeding.”

You must look for signs when you bottle-feed such as: turning away, pushing away the bottle, spitting out milk, chewing on the nipple, gagging, or falling asleep. Read this  Signs Your Baby Is hungry, full, or getting enough milk.

  • keep patient

If the baby keeps refusing bottle milk try these tips:

  • Distracting the baby.

Try to provide a bottle while your baby is relaxed and a little distracted, for example, by giving a bottle while walking around.

  • Heating things up.

To make the feeling closer to the breast, consider warming the milk and the bottle nipple.

  • Offering a taste.

Try dribbling a little milk into the mouth of your baby with a syringe and then handing her the bottle. This helps trigger her drive to suck on the bottle.

  • Using music as a feeding cue.

When breastfeeding or feeding the bottle, Rosenfeld suggested playing the same music. This indicates to your baby that it’s time to feed.

  • Bypassing the bottle.

    Try to circumvent the bottle and wean it straight into a cup if your baby is 6 months or older.

  • Top it off method:

The “top it off” method, which entails giving a limited volume of formula (half an ounce to an ounce) during a breastfeeding session, is another way to start adding formula, according to the National Childbirth Trust, a nonprofit headquartered in Britain.

The extra nutrients would help your baby feel more complete, extending the duration before the next feeding session and reducing the amount of milk you deliver.

“If your breasts are getting engorged, “then you should pump or hand express a little milk. but only until you feel relief,” Dr. Neifert said. She warned against “draining your breasts entirely, as it tells your breasts to keep producing milk.”

  • Use a baby brezza formula dispenser

This baby product will help you to warm under 30 sec. at the perfect temperature, just above room temperature.

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This is the way you feed baby both formula and breast milk?

Can I breastfeed during the day and formula at night?

No,  formula feeding consists of casein which is harder to digest. Therefore the baby will sleep longer at night. However, formula feeding increases the risk of the inflammatory response that gives baby bloating and pain. That means no extra sleeping for poor mom.

Breast milk is easy to digest that makes babies wake at night or day to feed in the early months. Breastmilk protein consists primarily of whey which contributes to overall gut health. It also contains sleep-inducing factors that actually encourage babies to sleep.

A recent Harvard University study has shown that babies who are breastfed but do not wake to feed during the night sleep significantly longer than breastfed babies who wake to feed during the night.

Do formula-fed babies sleep longer?

Yes, as mentioned above  Formula protein consists primarily of casein which is harder for babies to digest and therefore, keeps them fuller for longer. However, the formula increases the risk of an inflammatory response in the gut which can give babies excess wind, bloating, and pain – all of this means no extra sleep for poor mum and dad.

Frequently ask questions.

Read breastfeeding twins frequently ask questions. 

What are the benefits of breastfeeding twins?

  1. Breast milk provides the best nutritional ratio for your babies, and the breast milk proteins strengthen the immune systems of your babies. The risk of asthma, allergies, ear infections, and other illnesses is lower for breast-fed babies.
  2. Breast milk also provides special benefits for early birth babies, as do several twins and multiples.
  3. Breast milk, especially for premature babies who have thinner, less developed stomachs and intestines, is easier to digest than commercial baby formula.
  4. If your babies can’t eat at first, you can use a feeding tube to pump breast milk for your babies.
  5. In addition to the nutritional benefits for your newborns, the most natural and least expensive way to nurse your babies is possibly breast-feeding. 
  6. And after you give birth, it might help you lose weight. Twins or other multiples of breastfeeding often mean regular contact between you and each of your babies.

Source : (Breast-feeding twins: Making feedings manageable, n.d.) 

Is it difficult to breastfeed twins?

Yes, Breastfeeding will be a difficult task: after all, you need to feed two healthy babies.  But with some practice, you will find breastfeeding twins not only possible but convenient.

If you have problems feeding twins, meet a lactation consultant with twins experience. Ask for support from the baby’s doctor. Talk to other women who feed multiples successfully. 

Seek assistance from a husband for households —or consider recruiting a housemaid—so you can concentrate on diet and care of your babies.

If you do not know the benefits of breastfeeding then read these articles. We have answered all your questions. 

How long does it take to breastfeed twins?

It will take 20 minutes to breastfeed twins. So You have to breastfeed each baby for about 10 minutes on each breast.  

Newborn twin babies will take 20 minutes maybe longer. When babies become more skilled at breastfeeding, then it will take 5-10 minutes on each side.

it will be a full-time job for a new twin mother. Since a newborn baby gets hungry every one or two hours. You will be amazed to know that, Newborn babies should breastfeed 8–12 times a day for the first month.

Source: (Breastfeeding FAQs: How Much and How Often (for Parents) – Nemours KidsHealth, n.d.) 

How often do you feed newborn twins?

Twins must be breastfed 8-12 times a day for the first month. Breast milk is quickly digested, so newborns are always hungry. Frequent feeding continues to stimulate milk production in the first few weeks.

When your baby is 1-2 months old, he or she is expected to be breastfeeding 7-9 times a day.

Newborns should not go without feeding for more than four hours, even overnight.

Source: (Breastfeeding FAQs: How Much and How Often (for Parents) – Nemours KidsHealth, n.d.) 

Is breast milk different for twins?

Studies have also shown that bonding between mom and baby is the same, but both twins will reap health gains, such as extra immune support for one twin while the other is sick.

“It doesn’t change whether she’s had one, two, or three babies. Such antibodies will still be created; they’re just additional immune help. It is possible that whether you have twins or triplets, such babies are in such tight communication that if one infant has a germ, it is likely that both babies have a germ.

At what age do twins get easier?

Parents of twins answer the question, “When does it get easier?” and the answers may surprise you. Does it ever get easier, or just different?

Twininversity ask twins mothers these questions there reply will are convincing :

  1. My twin boys/girls are 4 years old. It doesn’t get better, I’ve discovered, it just gets different. Sure, they can feed themselves and no longer wear diapers but now I have to break up fights and address back-talking.
  2. Mine is 16 years old, and I can say that it does get easier, but it will get harder first. The struggles change, first from trying to keep your sanity now, to moving on to elementary school and dealing with their friends, to the nastiness in middle school, to the anxiety of learning to drive, to the college prep classes in high school, to thinking of them out and living on their own….. It still will be the best job you’ll ever have. Invest the time now, as hard as it is, and you will reap the benefits later.

Read more 

How to make breastfeeding twins easier?

Use these tips to make your twin breastfeeding easier:

  •  Use a Breastfeeding Pillow Designed for Feeding Twins.
  • Wear Easy Access Nursing Tops and Nursing Bras.
  • Have Plenty of Breast Pads and Nipple Cream on Hand.
  • Use a Quality Breast Pump
  • Meet with a Lactation Consultant as Soon as Your Twins are Born.
  • Learn to Breastfeed Your Twins Together.
  • Drink Lots of Water to Maintain Your Milk Supply.
  • Take Natural Supplements if You need to Increase Your Milk Supply.

The 8 tips I have outlined above will help you to prepare for your twins and begin breastfeeding them with confidence from the very beginning.

You will begin the process of breastfeeding your twins with confidence by buying the products above and planning to reach out directly to the lactation specialist in your hospital.

Do you produce more milk with twins?

Most women can produce enough milk to breastmilk newborn twins. Trust me you can be productive and pump enough milk to twin babies. To ensure a constant milk supply, follow these steps:

  • Start feeding babies after birth: you must breastfeed babies 9-12 times a day. The more often you feed your babies the more breastmilk you will get.
  • Pump breast milk if: if babies are premature and unable to breastfeed. Then you should pump your breastmilk to make the milk supply good. Pumping both breasts at the same time will help you make more milk. 
  • Offer both breasts:  you should offer both breasts to each baby at feeding. This will give your babies different views and your babies might have different styles of feeding. I will suggest you should offer each baby one breast for a day and switch them every day.

How much water should you drink when breastfeeding twins?

When you are pregnant you must drink 32 ounces per day. But when you are breastfeeding twins you should be drinking around 100 ounces of water per day. Around 3/4 of a gallon of water.

How much milk should I be producing for twins?

If you have twins or higher or multiples, aim for pumping 800-950 mL (27-32 oz) by 14 days postpartum. try pumping every two hours — or about eight to 12 times in a 24-hour period.

The Department of Agriculture has tips for maintaining your milk supply while introducing formula.


In summary, Breastfeeding with twins, it must be remembered that, despite the many potential advantages of breastfeeding multiples, this is a difficult and stressful challenge, which should be approached with appropriate sensitivity and understanding. However, it is important to recognize that even partial breastfeeding may be beneficial. Breastfeeding multiples tips are:

  •  Use a Breastfeeding Pillow Designed for Feeding Twins.
  • Wear Easy Access Nursing Tops and Nursing Bras.
  • Have Plenty of Breast Pads and Nipple Cream on Hand.
  • Use a Quality Breast Pump
  • Meet with a Lactation Consultant as Soon as Your Twins are Born.
  • Learn to Breastfeed Your Twins Together.
  • Master Breastfeeding One Twin at a Time.
  • Drink Lots of Water to Maintain Your Milk Supply.

Take Natural Supplements if You need to Increase Your Milk Supply.


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