20 Best Fathers Day Horror Movies

If you are wondering “What should I watch for Father’s Day?”, Is there a Father’s Day movie? And What should I watch for Father’s Day on Netflix?

I have collected father’s day movies to watch with everyone, family, and father daughter movies.

You will also fine Black Fathers Day Movies list, Action Movies, Horror Movies and Fathers Day Movies On Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+.

This Father’s Day, watch some of these Best Fathers Day Movies With Family to honor the fathers in your life.

I have also written a complete guide about fathers day quotes, gifts ideas, foods s ideas and activates ideas.    

Fatherhood is something we value. Horror Daddies, to be precise. Characters that are caring and protective, yet whose motives aren’t always good.

In any event, this is their vacation, and we’re not trying to be rude. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, but especially to those fathers who let us stay up beyond midnight to watch scary movies that mom had no idea existed. If you’ve had a similar experience.

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List Of Best Fathers Day Horror Movies

List Of Best Fathers Day Horror Movies KAVEESH MOMMY

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1. Cargo

Watch on Amazon prime 

During the zombie apocalypse, Martin Freeman portrays an incredibly “Good Dad” who must travel the Australian bushlands with his baby daughter. When it comes to stakes, there’s even more emotional depth, but that’s best left for a first-time watch. 

When it comes to bloodlines, Cargo gets a lot right about humanity, parenthood, and altruism, while also nailing zombie film. It’s a blend of indigenous representation and the never-ending toll of obligations that comes with parenting, and it’s maybe one of my favourite Netflix Original horror films. That last line always gets to me.

must watch this zombie Fathers Day Horror Movies.

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2. Train To Busan

Watch on Amazon prime  

Yoo Gong, the second “Good Dad.” His character as a divorced father in Train To Busan trades workaholic neglect for the warmth of his daughter’s affection. There are zombies once more. There is immediate danger once more. 

Viewers are delighted not just by fast-paced zombie action, but also by Yoo Gong’s quest to protect his child (played by Su-an Kim), as Cargo accomplishes via Martin Freeman’s portrayal. In the middle of a disintegrating pandemic cityscape, one sequence with a soothing song is so delicate and wonderful. 

All while seeing one of the most ruthless, merciless, and outright thrilling modern zombie films (which only seems to get better in the sequel).

this is another zombie Fathers Day Horror Movies in this list.

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3. The Wailing

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Do-won Kwak’s performance in The Wailing keeps him in the realm of “Good Dad,” but with a more muddy and deeper emotional conflict.

This South Korean thriller is one of my favourites since it has three separate acts, ranging from a police procedural to a dark comedy to a full-on possession thriller.

Given how his daughter becomes afflicted with a strange sickness that leads to killed families, Do-won Kwak’s policeman father changes as well.

Perhaps “The Devil” is involved. Maybe it’s all a game of the mind. Maybe a lot of things, but the magical achievement of this horrifying fact-fiction combination rings true the loudest.

An officer forced to challenge his beliefs, eventually motivated only by the safety of his loved ones. Plus, supernatural influences! this south Korean Fathers Day Horror Movies is best for movie night.

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4. Insidious

Watch on Amazon prime 

Josh and Renai go to a new home in search of a new beginning. However, when their son, Dalton, unexpectedly slips into a coma, strange things begin to happen in the house.

Wilson’s worried father is willing to go to any length to save his son, even if it means entering a purgatorial region where spirits are lost forever. He’s like “Good Dad” to the point of delusion, but let’s not talk about when he’s “Bad Dad” in the inevitable sequel.

watch how dad does every this to save his son on this list of Fathers Day Horror Movies.

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5. Before I Wake

Watch on Amazon prime  

After their son Shawn dies, Jessie and Mark adopt Cody from an orphanage. They quickly discover, however, that Cody’s dreams come to life when he is sleeping.

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6. Eraserhead

Watch on Amazon prime 

Henry (John Nance) is a lonely man who lives in a depressing apartment surrounded by industrial darkness. When he finds that his previous relationship with Mary X (Charlotte Stewart) resulted in her pregnancy, he marries her and has her move in with him. 

When the couple’s kid turns out to be a weird lizard-like monster that won’t stop screaming, things take a rather odd turn. Other people occupy the building, including a deformed lady who lives within a radiator, adding to Henry’s woes.

this classic Fathers Day Horror Movies is the best drama.

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7. Come to Daddy

Watch on Amazon prime  

A rich young man comes at his estranged father’s gorgeous and secluded seaside cottage, where he hasn’t seen him in 30 years. He rapidly learns that his father is not just a jerk, but that he also has a murky history that is catching up to him. 

Come to Daddy is one Fathers Day Horror Movies that you should see cold. Avoid reading reviews of this thing because the less you know about it, the more you’ll be shocked – in a good way.

But uncomfortable isn’t even close to describing it. Just wait till the end of the video to discover what happens next…

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8. The Stepfather

Watch on Amazon prime  

Michael returns home from military training to discover his mother happily married to her new lover and living with them. As the two men get to know one another, he grows sceptical of David.

in Fathers Day Horror Movies list, Terry O’Quinn’s performance The Stepfather is Oscar-worthy (yeah, I was there). When the film starts, the character of O’Quinn has ruthlessly assassinated his family.

He’s going to disappear after cutting his beard…Just a year later to reappear. Now, his perspective step-daughter (Jill Schoelen) doesn’t believe him, he’s going to get hitched again.

All of them think that her mother’s remarrying is only a hard teen. We know the truth, of course, and those around O’Quinn are seriously endangered.

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9. Oculus

Watch on Amazon prime  

A newly freed inmate from a mental institution learns through his sister that the crimes he was convicted of were actually organised by the Lasser Glass mirror, a supernatural entity.

I remember being intrigued by the idea of Oculus: a film about a haunting mirror. I smiled, glared, and rolled my eyes. Mike Flanagan, a gifted filmmaker, 

then hit me over the head with a frightening, intriguing horror flick. Flanagan is a great fan of family horror, and many of the elements he uses here are from that genre.

10. Pumpkinhead

Watch on Amazon prime  

the tenth list of Fathers Day Horror Movies is, Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen) seeks vengeance on the teens who killed his son in a hit-and-run tragedy. 

Ed summons the furious demon Pumpkinhead to hunt down and murder the group of pals with the assistance of a local witch (Florence Schauffler). 

However, as Ed discovers a link between himself and the creature, he reconsiders his decision to use the savage monster, and he tries to put a stop to Pumpkinhead’s deadly spree before it’s too late.

11. Creepshow (1982)

Watch on Amazon prime  

“Father’s Day” is one of the pieces included in Stephen King’s collection Creepshow. In a moment of rage,  a lady who is caring for her abusive elderly father murders him while yelling “Happy Father’s Day!” She thought she had finally gotten rid of her loving old father, 

but she was mistaken. Dad still wants his cake years later and returns from the grave to get it. this classic Fathers Day Horror Movie.

12. Amityville Horror (1979)

Watch on Amazon prime  

James and Margot move into their ideal home, but the place is anything but a dream. An entity takes control of the father, and the young family narrowly escapes with their lives.

On Fathers Day Horror Movies list this movie is amazing to watch. you will see how a good father turns into an evil man.

 13. Pet Sematary (1989)

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the thirteen Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have pet Sematary, When the Creeds move into their new house, everything seems to be going swimmingly until their kid is murdered. 

The father is crushed when he learns of a cemetery where you may bury your loved ones and have them come back to life. 

He brings his son to this location, and he is returned. Everything appears to be well until their newborn boy murders someone.

14. Eyes Without A Face (1960)

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the fourteenth Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have Eyes Without A Face (1960).

In a vehicle accident, a young girl is badly scarred and is compelled to wear a mask at all times. Her father, an evil doctor, attempts to correct her appearance. 

Kidnapping young girls and surgically removing their faces in the hopes of putting one of their faces onto his daughter. 

His daughter, on the other hand, is dissatisfied with the situation and decides to take matters into her own hands.

15. The People Under the Stairs (1991)

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the fiftieth Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have a little kid who is suddenly imprisoned in a nightmare while confined within a fortified mansion owned by a strange couple.

The youngster rapidly uncovers a horrific scenario in which incestuous adult siblings have a lot of boys and have them imprisoned beneath the stairs in their huge, scary mansion.

16. The Woman (2011)

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the sixteenth Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have The Woman (2011).

To the outside world, Chris appears to be the ideal parent and businessman, but he hides some shocking truths. 

By shutting her up in the shed, he captures and terrorises a wild woman. He then instructs his kid in all of his nefarious deeds by urging him to follow in his footsteps.

The Woman (2012) :Watch on Amazon prime 

17. The Shining (1980)

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the seventh Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have The Shining (1980).

Jack and his family move into an isolated hotel with a violent past. Living in isolation, Jack begins to lose his sanity, which affects his family members.

18. Frailty (2001)

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the eightieth Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have Frailty (2001).

The Father claims to see Demons whenever he touches an evil person and thinks that he is getting rid of all the world’s evil.He later then makes his young sons help him kill and dismember the victims.

19. Father’s Day (2011)

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the nineteenth Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have Father’s Day (2011).

A man obsessed with exacting brutal, violent revenge on the man who murdered his dad,

joins an eager priest and a hot-headed street hustler on an epic quest to find and defeat the mythical monster known as Chris Fuchman AKA The Father’s Day Killer.

20. The Devil’s Candy

Watch on Amazon prime 

on the twentieth Fathers Day Horror Movies list we have The Devil’s Candy.

A struggling painter is possessed by satanic forces after he and his family move into their dream home

The film is heavy on the rock metal and features an unconventional family rather than the typical suburban type in most horror. Jesse and his daughter Zooey are truly a family that will keep you rooting for them.

I have listed the best Horror Movies Perfect for Father’s Day – All Horror enjoy with your family.

If your father is a horror fan who isn’t happy with the number of films that make fun of his family, then watch these Fathers Day Horror Movies. he will definitely love these gifts for fathers day.

we’ve got you covered. Everyone is familiar with these Great Horror Movies to Stream for Father’s Day in which Dad is the evil guy – The Shining, Fragility, and The Stepfather are among the best – but let’s look at other films in which Dad is the hero – even in the middle of eerie mayhem.


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