5 Best Proven Breastfeeding Tips And Positions For New Moms

How To Breastfeed A New Born Baby?

In this post, I will explain in detail “how to breastfeed your baby” as a new mom. If you are a working mom then you will also learn “breastfeeding tips and positions” and more. 

I have also written down how a “husband can support their breastfeeding partner?” in case you like to know.

Breastfeeding comes with challenges like: 

  • What is a good position for breastfeeding?
  • How often should I breastfeed my baby? 
  • How long should I breastfeed my baby? 
  • How would I know my baby is getting enough milk? 
  • How to get more milk? 
  • What foods to avoid while breastfeeding?
  • How many minutes a day should you breastfeed?
  • How long should a breastfeeding session last?

I will answer all questions related to breastfeeding with guiding images to help you understand better. That said let’s start with

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Table of contents

  • How to breastfeed?
  • What Is the Best Way To Breastfeed A Newborn?
  • Laid-Back Breastfeeding Position
  • Cradle Hold Position
  • Cross Cradle Hold Position
  • Clutch Hold Or Football Hold Position
  • Side Lying Position
  • Breastfeeding Tips For Working Moms
  • How Husband Can Help Their Breastfeeding Partner?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Breastfeeding Baby

5 breastfeeding positions” for first-time mothers

What Is the Best Way To Breastfeed A Newborn?

There are “5 breastfeeding positions” for first-time mothers. First The Cradle Hold, second The Laid-Back Nursing Position, third The Cross-Cradle Hold, fourth The Side-Lying Position, fifth The Clutch or Football Position. These positions are the best way to breastfeed a newborn.

you can breastfeed your baby in these 5 positions. These 5 breastfeeding techniques are best for first-time mothers. Once you get breastfeeding experience with these 5 positions you can try more positions as you become more confident. These breastfeeding positions are most comfortable and work best for your newborn baby.

“Let’s Understand These Different Types Of Breastfeeding Positions One By One”

1. Laid-Back Breastfeeding Position

Laid-back breastfeeding or naturally Nurturing means you and your baby are relaxed and encouraging you and your baby Biological breastfeeding method.

How this breastfeeding position benefit? 

For moms with smaller breasts or babies with super-sensitive stomachs or unnecessary gas, laid-back breastfeeding positions Would be especially effective.

From the first lactation, this normal position can be used. For anyone, it’s a safe option but it can be really useful whether you have a preemie, twin, or a baby that has trouble latching on.

How to breastfeed a baby in a laid-back position? 

  • Sit on the bed, sofa, or lounge chair comfortably with a backrest and pillows to protect your neck, shoulder, arm as well. Lean back, holding the pillows. If you lay back easily and place your baby on your stomach, it will stay in the position with the help of gravity.
  • Let your baby rest by your bare breast somewhere. To allow the baby to spread wide, rotate the nipple on the upper Lip of your babe. 
  • use your hand to guide your breast to baby mouth if needed. use your second hand to give support to the baby back or hips.
  • You don’t need to do much except lay down and rest until the baby is on your breast.
  • If you start having pain during breastfeeding, remove the baby’s mouth gently by using your finger  and try again. Lay back and have fun.

2. Cradle Hold Breastfeeding Position

In the first few weeks, cradles are more often used. The cradles hold is the most popular position for breastfeeding. The baby is covered by the mother’s arm on the breast.

How do you hold a baby in a cradle?

  • Position the baby so his head lies in the curve of your elbow or the arm on the side you’ll be breastfeeding, with the hand on that side supporting the rest of the body.
  • if needed, Use pillows to raise your baby and support your elbows in the first few weeks to carry your baby to a nipple height.
  • Place your thumb on your nipple and areola on the spot where the nose of your baby would meet your breast.
  • His mouth should cover the dark region surrounding your nipple at least half an inch. Make sure the baby’s ear, shoulder, and hips are straight. That means the baby’s head and hip must be straight.

3. Cross Cradle Hold Breastfeeding Position

Many mothers find the cross-cradle position in the early weeks very helpful. In this position, the mother is able to guide the baby to the breast. when they are ready to latch on.

Use the cross-cradle hold to breastfeed your baby.

How do I get my baby to latch in a cross-cradle position?

  • Your baby is supported on a cushion in your lap in order to hold your baby up to your nipple height. In this position, your arms do not hold baby weight instead the pillow provides support for your elbow and arm.
  • When you are planning to breastfeed on the left breast, the left hand supports the breast in a “U” hold. If you are breastfeeding on the opposite breast, the right hand is used.
  • in this position your hand would be behind your baby head. the thumb and index finger is supporting each ear.  Your baby’s neck lies in the web between the thumb, finger index, and hand Palm, which forms a baby’s “second neck.”
  • Make sure that his mouth is near your nipple from the beginning as you plan to latch on your baby.
  • You push with your hand as the baby opens his mouth wide. At least half an inch from the base of your nipple must be covered.

4. Clutch Hold Or Football Hold Breastfeeding Position

For a woman who has a Cesarean birth, this is a good position. Many newborns in this place are very relaxed. It also helps the baby to control flow more quickly, since the mother has a strong milk ejection reflector.

How clutch holds breastfeeding benefits?  

  • For mothers who have completed a cesarean section, this condition may be helpful because it puts a small or small amount on the chest of the mother.
  • It will function with babies who have low birth weight or babies who have difficulties latching because their head is completely supported.
  • It also helps with “Twins baby”.  
  •  clutch holds help mothers with “Large breasts”.
  • If you have “A small or premature baby” then it is the best breastfeeding position.

How do I get my baby to latch in a clutch holds position?

  • You support the head of your baby in your hand and his back in your arm next to you in the clutch position.
  • Your breast is supported by a hold of “C.”
  • He faces you, with his mouth at nipple height.
  • The legs and feet of your baby are hanging under your arm, the hips are flexed and his legs are restful.
  • The pillows allow the baby to achieve the perfect height. (This stops him from pushing you.

5. Side-Lying Position Breastfeeding Position

When you are tired, and you want to nurse the baby as you lay down. then it is a beast position for breastfeeding, usually, This is a good choice when you are breastfeeding in the middle of the night.

Use the side-lying position to breastfeed your baby.

How to breastfeed in a side-lying position? 

  • Many mothers find themselves lying down, particularly at night in a comfortable position. Mother and baby lie facing each other on their sides.
  • Pillows behind the back or between the knees may be used to help keep the mother comfortable.
  • Behind the baby’s back a pillow or rolled blanket will keep him from rolling away from you.
  • The infant can cradle by using your forearm. 
  • Having his hips flexed and his ear, shoulder, and hip in one line helps your baby get milk more easily.

“How to hold a baby when breastfeeding?”

  • sit with back support safely.
  • put the baby next to you. So he didn’t need to turn his head in order to hold your breast. The nose and mouth of the baby should face your breast. He should be so close to your body that it touches you. Ask your helper to hand you the baby, if possible, until you’re comfortable.  
  • Help your breast so that your baby’s chin doesn’t get squeezed. baby chin and nose should meet your breast.
  • Attach or latch the baby in your breast. Encourage him to open his mouth wide and hold it closely by holding his back (instead of the back of his head). Your breast is going to touch the baby’s nose. Your hand shapes your child’s “second neck.”

In the early weeks, these steps must be repeated regularly. After some practice, you and your baby will find a technique that fits best for both of you.

Breastfeeding Tips For Working Moms

  • Prepare a breastfeeding schedule:  

Prepare a breastfeeding schedule in accordance with your office routine when you return to work.

You can maintain the milk supply on the same timetable until you are back.

This strategic approach to breastfeeding won’t cause any difficulty for the baby or the mother in collecting her milk.

  • speak to your employer: 

Before going to work, it is always a smart idea to chat with your boss about your plans.

If required, you may even ask the doctor to give your head a letter specifying the necessary breastfeeding conditions for both the mother and the baby.

The doctor may also specify certain breastfeeding needs such as clean surroundings, anonymity, time change, etc.

  • Plan your pumping time: 

Young mothers are also encouraged to be conscious of their pumping hours. While pumping is not rejected, it is stated by experts that breastfeeding the baby is irreplaceable.

Excessive pumping may also have harmful effects for the mother occasionally. You should know how much it is advised to pump your stock of milk in consultation with your doctor.

  • Do not compromise on the quality: 

Be sure the standard of the equipment is not compromised such that it is both healthy and simpler.

Have a big, good pump. Have a strong pump. Pumping bras are available with lining, which fits very well in many situations.

Until you start working, know what suits you better.

  • Note of your attire:

Take care of your clothes, too. Ensure that pumping or breastfeeding is available, possible, and enables.

  • Do not  start your baby on a bottle:

Before you join work you can also start your baby on a bottle but that also should not be too soon and should be in consultation with your doctor.

Babies of course associate breastfeeding with moms, so it’s a smart thing to bring your partner or caretaker with you and let them give your kid the first bottles. 

It is also recommended not to wait for the baby to be overtly hungry before he/she is fed.

“Breastfeeding is a family affair, and dad is an important part of the team”

How Husband Can Help Their Breastfeeding Partner?

Breastfeeding is a family affair. It requires time, preparation, patience, and coordination. As a father, if your wife breastfeeds your new child, you might feel left out.

However, you play a key role. Here are ways to help and inspire and take part in the breastfeeding process every step. Read more 

  1. Soothing, washing, changing, dressing, dressing up, and burping your infant. You should also hold your wife during feeding to ensure that she is eating and drinking enough.
  2. See for symptoms of hunger. Learn the appetite signs your baby needs to bring for breastfeeding sessions with your partner.
  3. A lot of rest is needed for new moms! Help her reduce the number of people visiting your house.
  4. Help your wife with chores. Run purchases, cook, clean, and do laundry. If a mother wants something while she breasts, try to find something for her. If you have other kids, look after them so that your wife can concentrate on breastfeeding.
  5. Enhance your partner’s sense of wellbeing. Tell her that you’re proud of her and she’s doing a good job. Aim to give her something special.
  6. Not everybody acknowledges the decision to breastfeeding. You should be the first line to protect your wife from negative comments that discourage your partner from breastfeeding.


I have explained all the tips for breastfeeding. The first-time mother can start breastfeeding a newborn baby with explained “5 breastfeeding positions for beginners

  • Cradle Hold Position
  • Cross Cradle Hold Position
  • Side-Lying Position
  • Clutch Hold Or Football Hold Position
  • Laid-Back Breastfeeding Position

I have also talked about “6 breastfeeding tips for working moms”.  

First-time mothers are not the only family to help in breastfeeding. This is why I have also written down “how can a husband help with breastfeeding?” 

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