50+ Blessed Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes (WITH IMAGES)

Use these Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes for a good-hearted Christian couple to wish them a happy anniversary and witness how God has blessed them through you.

The wedding anniversary is a special day that reminds couples of the vows they made to each other.

In a Christian marriage, it does not encourage divorce. I mean the vows made during the wedding.

We may use this Religious Christian Anniversary Messages in a variety of ways, including texts, cards, letters, emails, presents and notes, social media postings, and other places.

Share God’s blessings to the sacred couple as words.

We have also collected wedding wishes for everyone. You will love to use these anniversary messages in card.

From wedding anniversary quotes to wedding anniversary wishes, here are our favourite and funny ways to wish your partner or friends a very happy wedding anniversary!

Whether you’re writing a wedding anniversary card for your partner or sending wedding anniversary messages to your parentsbest friendssisterwifehusbandsibling,

Wedding Anniversary prayers

everyone appreciates a handwritten note remembering the day they tied the knot and how far they’ve come as a couple since then.


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List Of Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes-kaveesh mommy

List Of Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes

When a couple gets married, it is a union before God. So, when the anniversary day comes around, sending blessings as anniversary quotes for Christian couples is just the thing.
Use these quotes and bible references for your anniversary wishes. Read these 10 Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes–Religious Messages.

God brought you together and is very much interested in helping you achieve a successful marriage. I am glad it’s working out between both of you. Happy wedding anniversary.

christian wedding anniversary wishes with bible verses

You are a blessed couple, for your marriage is blissful, peaceful and fruitful. In fact, you couldn’t have asked God for more blessings. Happy wedding anniversary.

christian wedding anniversary wishes for wife

Happy wedding anniversary to you, surely the Lord has walked with you through the many years you have been together. To us, you are like a precious gem that guide us and show us the right path to follow. God bless you.

christian wedding anniversary wishes to daughter and son in law

Looking at how the love in your hearts shines through your eyes is enough to sign that true love does exist. Your marriage has worked out of love and hard work. May God bless you and happy wedding anniversary

christian wedding anniversary wishes for husband

Our prayers have been constantly answered, we have had our fight but somehow; we reconcile and can build a strong marriage. My prayers and wish in today’s wedding anniversary are that we grow old together and be happy as always.

christian wedding anniversary wishes to friend

Looking back today, I now know the meaning of he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Your support has been great in my life. Wish us a happy anniversary

christian wedding anniversary wishes to my husband

The day I met you I knew my wishes to find that dream partner had been met, as we celebrate our wedding anniversary, I take this chance to wish you a good life filled with good health and more smile, love you

christian wedding anniversary wishes quotes

Honey, the joy I feel in my heart is great; no word can describe the journey we have walked together. I only wish that we stand for each other, happy wedding anniversary to you.

christian wedding anniversary wishes to couple

Happy wedding anniversary to you, may the day bring you even closer. Your love for God and people is indescribable, so may the favour of Almighty God be with you this day

religious wedding anniversary wishes for husband

God has been faithful to bless with a happy union. He has been the strong third cord that has kept us together in times when it was difficult to do so. Happy wedding anniversary

christian wedding anniversary message for wife

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

I know Christian couples to be the happiest, and if you’re one of those who have a long journey together, check out these 10 best Christian Anniversary Wishes for wife.

My home has been hell, so God sent you to make it a piece of heaven. You are my guardian angel, and I love you so much. May God bless you always. Happy Anniversary.

religious wedding anniversary wishes for daughter and son in law

Firstly, I’m lucky to be born to Christian parents. Secondly, I’m lucky to be married to a Christian husband. Thirdly, I’m lucky that God kept you close to me all these years.

special wedding anniversary wishes for wife

Finding a trusted and devoted wife like you is the best achievement and the most precious price of my life. May God bless you with a healthy and long life, sweetheart.

special wedding anniversary wishes for wife

Happy anniversary to the most beautiful woman I know! Marrying a wonderful person like you has so far been the best achievement of my life. I can’t wait for us to build a family.

bible anniversary wishes

God knows what a good Christian deserves; that is why he sends you into my life… just kidding! I’m the one who should feel lucky and grateful here. You are an angel, sweetheart.

christian wedding wishes with bible verse

Even after all these years together, you still make me swoon over you everyday. God really blessed you with charm, didn’t he… Happy anniversary!

wedding anniversary wishes with biblical verses

Here’s what I would like to say on this very special day: Firstly, I feel lucky to be born to a Christian family. Secondly, I feel lucky to be married to the most good-looking Christian gentleman on this planet. Thirdly, I feel lucky that God destined us to be together.

christian birthday wishes with bible verses

God must be shining His light through you. Happy wedding anniversary, my love! 

wedding anniversary wishes for wife from bible

You are a devoted Christian, wife, and mother… what more could I ask for? I could only pray that I get to make you happier and happier each day. Once again, Happy anniversary! 

christian wedding anniversary wishes to my wife

Here is a beautiful peony to the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Thank you for giving me a beautiful life, honey. Happy wedding anniversary!

christian wedding anniversary message for parents

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Sending Christian wedding wishes or messages to a newlywed or soon-to-be married couple will make them happy.

Add these 10 best Christian wedding anniversaries’ wishes for friends’ card messages.

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  1. When I see you two together, my skepticism towards marriage disappears into thin air. Happy wedding anniversary, my two lovebirds! 
  2. Happy anniversary, buddy! I said this on your wedding day, but I won’t hesitate to say it again: you two make the best Christian couple that has ever existed. 
  3. Love is a language I had never truly understood, but every time I see you with him/her, I think I know what it’s supposed to look like. Happy anniversary! 
  4. Your life-long commitment to your Christian marriage is both admirable and adorable. I’m just happy that my best friend in the whole wide world has found his true happiness. Cheers!
  5. Watching the two of you grow throughout the years is just delighting and inspiring. Just so you know, I believe that God made the perfect pairing. Happy anniversary, my friends! 
  6. You two crazy monsters together really make the most awesome couple ever. Happy anniversary and may God’s love continue pouring onto you!
  7. Marriage is no less than a battlefield… you have to always be ready for war, but you two are managing it pretty well! Happy wedding anniversary, my favorite lovie-dovie Couple! 
  8. Your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Don’t waste this special opportunity with your special one! 
  9. Happy wedding anniversary, loves! I wish you all the very best as you begin another year of your life together. May it be full of excitement! 
  10. Your endless love, support, care and trust on each other make your marriage so much stronger with each passing day. Happy wedding anniversary, lovelies! 

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

This is the happiest thing in life to see both of your parents celebrating their wedding anniversary together.

This is the perfect day to let them know how grateful you are and that they are the most special people in your life.

Find your favourite Christian wedding anniversary wishes for parents below with some Bible verses. Add these 10 best Christian wedding anniversaries wishes for parents in card messages.

  1. I’m now convinced that God paired the both of you to show us how wonderful love should be. Happy anniversary to the coolest parents in the world! We love you.
  2. Congratulations for [x] years of togetherness, mom and dad! We’re so honored to call ourselves your children, and I hope that we don’t cause you too much trouble… Wishing you both bliss and serenity! 
  3. I have been blessed beyond all measures to have been raised by such wonderful people. Honestly, I think God gave me the two best role models a kid could ever ask for. Wishing you a lovely anniversary! 
  4. Happy anniversary, my dear parents! Your strength and togetherness is truly what shaped me over the years, so thank you! May God continue to bless your marriage with love, joy, and companionship. 
  5. Happy anniversary to my forever guardian angels! I am so grateful for you. May you be filled with JOY of heart, PEACE of mind and soul and LOVE. 
  6. Cheers to a wonderful and joyous wedding anniversary! May our Almighty Savior continue to bless you and every member of your family. Like I always say, if you need anything, I’m always here.
  7. Happy wedding anniversary to you, family man! May God’s love continue to be the foundation of your home, and may His words guide you in your actions, today and always. 
  8. God has rewarded your faith with an everlasting happy marriage. I pray that you’ll always be happy for the rest of your life!
  9. Happy anniversary! I have so many wishes for you, where do I start… Firstly, may God be the co-author of your marriage story. Secondly, may He be the director of all you set to do. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, may He be the firm foundation on whom you build it all. God is love, and seeing Him present in your life makes my heart so full. I wish you all the best… in Jesus’ name, Amen..
  10. Hope you two will keep finding the best interests in each other even after 60years from now. May this last forever! Happy wedding anniversary, my sweetest parents.

Christian Anniversary Wishes for Couple

The wedding anniversary is a reminder of the vows that were made during the wedding. In most Christian ceremonies, they do not encourage divorce. Read these 13 best Christian Anniversary Wishes for Couple.

  1. May your love for each other exist for eternity! Happy wedding anniversary! God bless both of you.
  2. God has created you two in pairs, and undoubtedly this is one of his finest choices. Best Wishes.
  3. God always thinks good of two people, and you two are the perfect examples of that. Congrats for passing so many days together. Have a beautiful anniversary celebration.
  4. You have taught us how to work on marriage through thick and thin, and surely God loves that. May God Bless you with a more long married life. Happy Anniversary dear.
  5. God has sent some of his shines in your hearts, and you two keep finding each other on good and bad times for all these years. Happy Anniversary beautiful couple.
  6. Making a special prayer today for two of my favorite people on earth. Be blessed. Have a lovely anniversary.
  7. The relation of husband and wife is the most wonderful relation decided by God himself. This bondage is even more beautiful when two beautiful souls like you come together. Happy wedding anniversary!
  8. God has been so much kind to both of you as he blessed two of you with the company of each other for life.
  9. If it weren’t for you two, I would never realize the holy purpose of man and wife sharing their rest of the life under one roof. Happy wedding anniversary dear!
  10. On this very special day, I want you to thank god for he has given you the perfect partners. Stay close to God just like you’ve stayed close to each other all these years.
  11. Every relation has ups and downs. Remember, if God Almighty wants to keep you close to each other, nothing can make you leave each other. Happy wedding anniversary!
  12. Let God’s love brighten your life of a husband and wife in the years yet to come, just like he did all these years.
  13. Love that exists between a husband and a wife comes directly from heaven. You two have always made me realize this truth. Happy wedding anniversary!

Final thoughts

Marriage is a divinely ordained union of two souls, and sending Christian wedding anniversary wishes would undoubtedly brighten any Christian’s day.

Send religious wedding anniversary wishes to help them feel closer to God. Biblical wedding anniversary wishes might make them feel more important than ever.

You may also send bible verses as anniversary wishes, prayer messages on a wedding anniversary, or anything else that fits the occasion to make them feel special.

Make an effort to embrace God’s love and optimism, and to spread joy.

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